In professional wrestling, a 7 Round Match is a four-way match type in which the match itself is contested into seven rounds. Not to be confused with Best-of-Seven Matches, the 7 Round Match's rounds happen in the same match. Each round, once a wrestler pinned an opponent, they would win the round (not the whole match). At the end of the seventh round, the wrestler with the most "round wins" will be the winner of the match. Per rules, each round has a timer that is set for 7 minutes, and when the time runs out without any wrestler pinning someone, the round will be considered to as draw. That is similar if two or more wrestlers got the same round wins, the match itself will be considered draw. In fact, the match is ruled to as a no DQ, and no countout match. A tag team variation also exist, but when a wrestler from a team was pinned, the wrestler who pinned them and the one who pinned them's team will win the round.

List of 7 Round MatchesEdit

# Match Stipulations Length
1 Roman Reigns (c) defeated Triple H, Sheamus, and AJ Styles WWE Championship 48:11
2 Goldust and Big Buff defeated The Hype Bros, The Usos, and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan Smackdown Tag Team Championship No.1 Contendership 35:44
3 Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz (c), Cesaro, and Sami Zayn Intercontinental Championship 38:29
4 Kalisto (c) defeated Rusev, Alberto del Rio, and Sheamus United States Championship 28:23
5 AJ Styles defeated Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose (c) WWE Championship No.1 Contendership 40:59
6 Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated American Alpha (c), Goldust and Big Buff, and Rhyno and Heath Slater Smackdown Tag Team Championship 30:34

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