A&E is a tag team that currently competes in Northern Carnage Wrestling. Consisting of Atticus Brown & Evan Din, the two formed an unlikely friendship backstage due to becoming jobbers for NCW and entered the tag team division.

Background Edit

  • Formation: March, 2015
  • Members: Atticus Brown, Evan Din, Isla Woods (Manager)
  • Companies: (Currently) NCW
  • Combined Weight:
  • Status: Active
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Frozen Asylum, X-Dynamics, Team HeroKazu

History Edit

NCW Edit

Debut (2015) Edit

NCW Tag Team Champions (2015-2016) Edit

In Wrestling Edit

Tag Team Finishers Edit

Tag Team Signatures: Edit

Entrance Themes: Edit

  • "Dance Away" by Damn Valentine- (2015-present)

Championships & Accomplishments: Edit

NCW Edit

  • NCW Tag Team Championships- (1 time)

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