Adam's Black Ops, or simply the Black Ops, is a team of elite Atlas Trooper commanders within Black Adam's regime and are secondary antagonists in the Adam Act Arc. The unit is comprised of (from left to right above) Crysis, Blackout, and Deadlock, becoming new commanders to replace Insidious and Vektan after they were destroyed in battle and Metallica was reprogrammed back to the heroes' side. In order to test their new capabilities, Teth Adam sent his three commanders on separate assignments. Blackout was tasked with retrieving Tammy Blake's daughter, Tamiya, Crysis was to capture Android 16, and Deadlock was to bring Haruhi Suzumiya back to base.

Blackout ultimately had to engage Spin the Hedgehog in combat and bested him. He sadistically electrocuted Spin in front of Tamiya, forcing her to comply with his orders to come quietly on the terms that he would die because of her. Blackout brought Tamiya to Adam, who was waiting at the Colosseum in Rome. Spin snapped and flew towards Rome in a pure rage after being goaded by Adam and was walked right into an ambush where Spin was cuffed, cutting off his powers. Blackout and his Atlas Trooper entourage proceeded to mercilessly beat Spin within an inch of his life while Tamiya was forced to watch. She was pressured into tapping into her hidden power and struck Teth Adam with the first lightning bolt, restoring his power.

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver arrived at the Colosseum and began to battle the Atlas Trooper forces, Blackout battling Sonic personally, though Blackout was ordered to pull back before the fight could intensify.

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