Annie FrazierEdit

Annie Frazier costumes/colors 1-10 and teams

Annie Fraizer's Alternate colors/costumes

1. Green hankerchief and sweater, grey shirt, indigo pants (Default)

2. Red hankerchief and sweater with blue bands, white shirt, black hair, blue pants

3. Shadow

4. Pink hankerchief, shirt and pants, white sweater and black sandals, black hair (Represents Maria Luna)

5. Orange hankerchief and sweater, blue shirt, dark blue pants (Denever Broncos)

6. Annie without the hankerchief and shirt

7. Classic Annie

8. American Annie without the hankerchief and shirt

9. Maria Annie without the hankerchief and shirt

10. Denever Broncos Annie without the hankerchief and shirt

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