Play with fire, and you're gonna get burned.

Ayano Kannagi is the main female character of Kaze no Stigma. Ayano is the heir of the Kannagi family of enjutsushi (wielders of fire magic), and wielder of the Kannagi's sacred sword Enraiha. It's her job to explore any spirtiual happenstance and then defeat any evil spirits that may exist. 

Ayano is a member of XFWA, and the reigning submission specialist. She has enough skill and personality to contend for the Diva Championship multiple times in her short career.


  • Series - Kaze no Stigma
  • Species - Human 
  • Age - 16
  • Height - N/A
  • Weight - N/A
  • Companies - (Currently) XFWA
  • Debut - N/A
  • Status - Active
  • Billed from - Tokyo, Japan
  • Allies - Kazuma Yamagi, Ren Kannagi
  • Rivals - Mizore Shirayuki, Cagalli Yula Atha, Alicia Melchiott, Catherine MacDonald
  • Twitter - @EnraihaFTB18

Wrestling CareerEdit



Ayano is arrogant, irrational, and easily riled up. However, don't mistake her lack of emotional control for lack of skill, she is actually very focused and proud of her skill and heritage, even in the face of Kazuma (her second cousin, master of wind magic and a Contractor for the Spirit King of the Wind), and Ren Kannagi (her other second cousin who wields the Golden Flame, one of the most powerful purifying fire magic in existence). Her insistence on being the submission expert of the XFWA is by choice in that regard, wanting to forge her own path a wrestler.

Personal LifeEdit

She firmly denies any kind of rumor that she is dating Kazuma, who has taken over as her manager and also doubles as her bodyguard. 

In WrestlingEdit


  • Enraiha DDT (Facebreaker DDT)
  • Feel the Burn (Dragon Sleeper)
  • Kouen Lock (Omaplata Crossface)


  • Arm-Hook Sleeper
  • Bionic Elbow
  • Cobra Clutch Slam
  • Kannagi Special (Bite of the Dragon)
  • Monkey Flip
  • Sliding Forearm Smash


  • Kazuma Yamagi


  • "The Kannagi Heir"
  • "Hotter than Hot"
  • "The Walking Firestorm"

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Burn, Burn" by Lostprophets


  • Ayano has a reputation for damaging her clothes. She actually suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a Detroit Street Fight against Excellen Browning at an XFWA Pay-Per-View, Highway to Hell, in 2011.

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