Battle for the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse, or known simply as Battle for the Multiverse for short, was the final battle of the FWM-Black Lantern War. It was part of The Masters Project: Chaos plan which fell apart when the FWM heroes and Gran Army destroyed most of the Black Lanterns, Helghast and Sycroins.

Battle Report Edit

Location: Fiction Wrestling Multiverse

Combatants: All of the FWM Heroes, Riot Bots, 1,000 Colonial Marines vs. Millions Black Lanterns, Sycroins, Helghast forces, The Master

Casualities: Small portion of the Riot Bots, 750 Colonial Marines, Nearly all of the Black Lanterns, 99% of the Sycroins, Most of the Helghast

Outcome: FWM is rebuilt by the combined power of the Time Vortex and Cosmic Cube

The Battle Edit

August 15, 2014 Edit

On the evening of August 15th, 2014, the Heroes desperately held a line in a barren land on the outskirts of the FWM cities, where the first brunt of the Lanterns forces struck. It became a violent fight but nowhere near deadly. Throughout the night fighting was on and off, as more forces of both sides arrived.

August 16, 2014

Throughout the day, both side were relatively quiet till early nightfall when Helghast forces joined the fight, bringing a much more gun warfare into the fight, with tanks and MLWARS entering the thicket of battle, the heroes and we're pushed back some distance before the Military forces of the Marines and Riot Bots joined the battle on the Heroes's Left Flank.

August 17, 2014

The fighting reached it's climax in the morning of August the 17th, with the apparent loss of heavy armored vehicles on both sides, hand to hand combat broke out. The cities eventually began to catch fire as the land was turned into a smoldering heap of wreckage. But by morning a combined power of the Cosmic Cube and Time Vortex didn't destroy anything, but completly rebuilt and brought life back tot he FWM. However the Black Lanterns suffered the loss of their entire forces and any more fighting was futile for them.

August 16, 2014-August 17th, 2014 Edit