The Battle of Corneria was a major battle in the Black Lantern War, and resulted in the highest casualty figure of any FWM battle. The Battle was the result of the FWM Heroes defending the planet, in which the Black Lantern forces under THe Master attempted to take over.

Battle Report Edit

Location: Corneria

Combatants: FWM Heroes (Team Scorpion), Colonial Marines vs. Helghast Forces & Black Lantern

Strength: Hundreds of FWM Heroes, 1,000 Colonial Marines (Including 2 Conestoga-Class Starships) vs.  thousands of Helghast (including Heavy armored tanks, personal carriers, ships & a MAWLR), 15,000,000 Black Lanterns

Casualties: 400 Colonial Marines, Loss of the FMS Joseph

Outcome: FWM Heroes victory

The Battle Edit

On the even of August 12, 2014. Team Scorpion, a part of the FWM Heroes Army, arrived on the planet Corneria as a final defense and somewhat distraction against The Black Lanterns, detouring them from going to Skrullos where another simultaneous fight was occurring. The plan worked as he majority of the Black Lanterns attacked the Heroes first on foot. Air support was quickly proved with the FMS Joseph of the Colonial Marines and FMS Canns. However a part of the Black Lanterns swarmed the Joseph, resulting in a space battle which ultimately lead to the Joseph being destroyed and crashing on Corneria with all hands lost.

Roughly around one in the morning, Helghast Forces arrived to strengthen the position of the Black Lanterns, this included a MAWLR. The fighting continued till the wee hours of August 13th before the battered and beaten Lanterns, along with the Helghast forces retreated, resulting in the FWM victory.

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