The Battle of Fort Essential (sometimes referred to Emberlions as The Battle of The Narrow Meadows) was a engagement that took place April 2nd, 2016 (3016) in the Northern Forest in East Ember. The battle was the first official military action of The Second Throne War, a conflict that spread across into the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse that pitted a Coalition of forces against The Ember Empire.

The fort was constructed by a small force under the command of Amelia Bennet, and was merely meant to be a shelter while the small force awaited rescue from a Colonial Marine unit which would arrive within 17 days. The Battle occurred on the 15 day of this wait. The small scale battle lead into the much larger Marine Offensive against the Ember Empire in May and June.

Battle Report Edit

Location: Fort Essential, Northern Forest, East Ember, Chovoli

Date: April 2nd, 2016 (3016)

Combatants: 50 Emberlion/Prelion Refugees, 30 Colonial Marines, 32 Western Chovolians (123 Total), 11 Royal Security Guards vs. 100 Western Chovolians, 75 Volunteer Recruits, 40 Ember Empire Regulars, 15 Grand Artillerymen (230 Total)

Casualties: 20 Refugees, 2 Colonial Marines, 9 Western Chovolians, 6 Royal Security Guard (37 Total) vs. 12 Volunteer Recruits, 2 Ember Empire Regulars (14 Total)

Outcome: Coalition surrender fort, along with weaponry deemed "advanced" and Amelia Bennet and Vickh Braddock taken Prisoners of War. Rest of Coalition retreat to rendezvous with Marines in exchange to leave Chovoli.

Prelude To Battle Edit

In the winter of 2016 (3016) Stanley Bennet, the prince of the Ember Kingdom, overthrew his parents rules to ensure he would become the absolute ruler of a new Ember Empire. Stanely did not agree with his parents decisions during there tenure as king and queen, feeling that they were keeping the kingdom for achieving sucess by constantly dealing with tensions between the two main species on the planet Chovoli, Prelion and Emberlion. Stanley also too over the kingdom due to fearing his sister who had recently returned from safe exile on earth would resume the rule of her parents due to not knowing the issues on Chovoli.

Following Red Thursday (the name of the coup), Amelia Bennet and a group that had opposed Stanley Bennet escaped into the Northern Forest, a vast forest that reached hundreds of square miles just north of the capital of the Ember Kingdom/Empire. The small coalition stopped their retreat in a small clearing known as the "Narrow Meadows" to it being a long but thin strip of open land. With another ship of Colonial Marines arriving to assist in there evacuation in 17 days, the Coalition choose to make their camp identifiable form the sky, but at the same time made the Coalition vulnerable in the open A crude circular stockade was erected near the edge of the wood line with additional trenches dug in a diamond shape around the stockade named "Fort Essential".

Battle Edit

Aftermath Edit

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