The Battle of Indian Flats was a minor military engagement that occurred on May 29th, 2016 between forces of The Ember Empire and The Maryland Militia. The battle was fought between the towns of Dickerson, MD and Tuscarora, MD at the confluence of the Monocacy and Potomac Rivers. The battle become a complete Ember Empire victory, with nearly all the militia being killed, wounded or captured.

Battle Report Edit

Side: Maryland Milita Ember Empire
Date: May 19th, 2016
Location: Confluence of the Monocacy and Potomac Rivers
Commanders & Leaders:
  • Unknown
  • Averie Whitney
  • Robert Rhodes


Maryland Milita Army of the Rappahannock (Two Corp)
Strength: 600 Militiamen

17,000 (Total

  • Two Corps
  • 15 cannon

470 (Total)

  • 52 killed
  • 87 wounded
  • 331 captured

79 (Total)

  • 18 killed
  • 43 wounded
  • 18 captured
  • Special Order 191 is recovered, giving The Coalition detailed information on the Ember Empire's FWM invasion
  • Ember Empire resume invasion

Prelude to Battle Edit

Battle Edit

Aftermath Edit

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