The Battle of New Author Castle was an engagement that occurred in the Master World during the Omega Event, with the Titans, the Rebellion and the Survivors fighting against the New Author Army. The battle was the culmination of the Omega Event, and resulted in the Mistress' defeat and the restoration of the original 99 Multiverses.

Battle Report Edit

Location: The New Author's Castle, Master World

Combatants: The Original Multiverse's Titans, The Rebellion and the Survivors vs. The New Author Army

Casualties: Various members of the Rebellion, hundreds upon thousands members of the New Author Army

Outcome: The New Author Army is defeated, and the Living Tribunal, brought back to life, restores the Original 99 Multiverses. The original batch of Titans is dissolved, joining either the League or the Avengers. The New Authors endure different kinds of punishments, such as being brought back to life completely depowered, while The Mistress is locked up in FWM-101.

Battle Edit


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