The Battle of The Valley of The Wind was a military engagement that began on May 19th, 2016 and ended on May 29th, 2016 for control over the region surrounding The Valley of The Wind. It is the third major battle of the Second Throne War and a fainting attack to by time for to corps of the Army of the Rappahannock to push deep into the FWM undetected, while also achieving territorial gain.

Battle Report Edit

Side: The Coalition Ember Empire
Date: May 9th, 2016-May 19th, 2016
Location: The Valley of The Wind
Commanders and Leaders:
  • Princess Nausicaa
  • Amelia Bennet
  • Stanley Bennet
  • Aristaeus Teriz
  • Various Armed Citizens of The Valley of The Wind
  • USCM (Represented)
  • Team Stormfront
  • Army of The Rappahanock (1 Corp)

511 (Total)

400 Armed Citizens, 4 Members of Team Stormfront, 2 Colonial marines, 1 Royal Security Officer

6,000 (Total)

3,000 Emberlions, 3,000 Prelions

12 cannons, 2 howitzers

Casualties 352 (Total)115 Killed

207 Wounded

30 Captured

238 (Total)104 Killed

129 Wounded

5 Captured

Results: Ember Empire Victory

  • Annexiation of The Valley of The Wind

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Battle Edit

Opening Shots (May 9) Edit

Cease Fire (May 10th-17th) Edit

Battle For The Beach (May 18th) Edit

Night Burnings (May 18th-May 19th) Edit

Valley of The Wind Massacre (May 19th) Edit

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