The Battle of Warrensville was a military engagement that occurred on April 12th, 3016 (2016) pitting the Ember Empire against the United States Colonial Marines. Considered the first large scale battles of the Second Throne War, the Battle of Warrensville was the culmination of the USCM's failed Offensive Campaign on the Ember Empire known as Operation Copperstorm. Meant to be a swift defeat of the Ember Empire's still unorganized army, reinforcements from the Empire's capital arrived just in time to counterattack the USCM's initial assault and turned it into a route.

Battle ReportEdit

Side: USCM Ember Empire
Date: April 12th, 2016
Location: Warrensville, East Ember
Commanders and Leaders: George Shepard Stanley Bennet

1st & 2nd Division of Space Force Sol

Army of The Rappahannock


7,000 Colonial Marines, 5 Tanks

25,000 (Total):

10,000 Emberlions, 15,000 Prelions, 20 cannons, 4 howitizers


3,973 Casualties:

900 Marines killed, 2,384 wounded, 689 captured

All five tanks destroyed or captured

2,845 Casualties:

1,000 soldiers killed, 1,500 wounded, 345 captured

Six Cannons Captured

Results: Decisive Ember Empire Victory

Prelude To Battle Edit

Battle Edit

Colonial Marine Attack Edit

Battle for Ross Furnace Edit

Attack On Owen's Church Road/Montgomery Road Edit

Empire Counterattack Edit

Battle For Warren's House/Heth Hill/Route Edit

Aftermath Edit

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