Billy and Boris were a professional wrestling tag team, consising of real-life cousins and kayfabe brothers, Boris (Michael Steven) and Billy (John Stewart). They are best known for their time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), who are originally competing in Raw, until they got traded to Smackdown. 

While competing under Raw, they were a one-time Raw Tag Team Champions, reigning for only seven days. When they got traded to Smackdown, they were to two-time Smackdown Tag Team Champions, their first reign lasted for seven days again, while they are the current champions in their second reign.


World Wrestling Entertainment/WWEEdit

NXT (2014-2015)

In May 16, 2014, it was announced that Steven signed with WWE, and was assigned to its developmental territory NXT. The next day, it was revealed that his cousin Stewart also signed with WWE. Five days later, the two made their debut in NXT, under their real names, as both faces, where Steven defeated Stewart in under 1 minute. On the May 28 episode of NXT, Steven defeated Stewart in a rematch. At NXT Takeover, Steven teams up with Stewart to defeat Austin Aries and Jason Jordan. The next week, Stewart defeated Steven via disqualification after Steven accidentally kicked the referee. On the June 4 episode of NXT, Stewart once again defeated Steven via countout in a no disqualification match after Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson attacked the two, beaten up Steven, and left Stewart lying on the ring. On the June 11 episode of NXT, Stewart finally defeated Steven via pinfall. The next week, Steven defeated Stewart once again. On the June 26 episode of NXT, to finally end their feud, the two faced in the first-ever "NXTreme Rules Match", but resulted in a no contest after Wilder and Dawson once again beaten up the two. On the July 3 episode of NXT, the two teamed up to defeat Wilder and Dawson in a tag team match, with their names tweaked to just simply their surnames. On the July 10 episode of NXT, Steven and Stewart defeated Wilder and Dawson in a rematch. The next week, now officially called "S&S", the two defeated Wilder and Dawson in a no disqualification match. On the July 24 episode of NXT, S&S was defeated by Wilder and Dawson. On the July 31 episode of NXT, S&S defeated Wilder and Dawson to end their feud. Two days later, it was revealed that Stewart torned his ACL and MCL. The next week, it was revealed that Stewart would be taken out of action for seven to nine months. The next day on the August 7 episode of NXT, Steven acknowledged Stewart's injury and said that he will be competing alone, only to be attacked by five unknown wrestlers. On the August 14 episode of NXT, Steven would defeat the five wrestlers in a 5-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match, only to get beaten up after the match. The next week, the five would try to attack Steven again, only to get fended off. On the August 28 episode of NXT, he would team up with Baron Corbin against the five, however, Corbin attacked Steven afterwards and let the five wrestlers win the match, thus turning heel. Steven would spend August to December on feuding with Corbin, facing him in numerous singles and tag team matches, in which he ended up on both winning and losing sides. After his long-feud with Corbin, Steven disappeared from television for three months, then returned on the April 1, 2015 episode of NXT, defeating an enhancement talent. On the April 8 episode of NXT, Steven would compete in an 18-Man Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contender for the NXT Championship, but failed to win the match. Later after the show, WWE announced on their site that Steven torned his left shoulder rotator cuff after falling from the ring, and four days later, it was announced that he will be taken out of action for four to six months. Meanwhile, Stewart returned on the July 1 episode of NXT, losing to Samoa Joe in a squash match. The next week in a rematch, Stewart would once again lose to Joe. On the July 15 episode of NXT, Stewart would compete in a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the NXT Championship, but was eliminated by Joe, who later won the match. On the July 22 episode of NXT, Stewart would lose once again to Joe despite distractions by NXT Champion Finn Balor, to end their feud.On the July 29 episode of NXT, Stewart would lose to Baron Corbin. From July to December, Stewart would suffer back-to-back loses, losing twelve times on television, and only wrestled in fourtheen matches. At NXT Takeover: London, Stewart defeated an enhancement talent in a squash match, in what would be his final match in NXT. Stewart then would be taken out of action to celebrate Christmas along with his family. On the December 30 episode of NXT, Steven returns as an unannounced competitor in a 20-man "Battle to the Roster" battle royal, and have won the match, in what would be his final match in NXT.

Main Roster (2016-present)

S&S made their main roster debut on the January 4 episode of Raw, now under the ring names Boris (Steven) and Billy (Stewart), as well as now billed to as "Billy and Boris", defeating two independent wrestlers. On the January 7 episode of Smackdown, Billy and Boris once again defeated two independent wrestlers. This begins a winning streak, defeating multiple independent wrestlers, which lasted until May 2 episode of Raw. Since February, they were widely praised and favorited due to their talents both in the ring and in the mic. On the May 5 episode of Smackdown, the two defeated The Ascension. Their match was also widely praised due to Billy and Boris' fighting spirits. On the May 9 episode of Raw,

More Coming SoonEdit

In other mediaEdit

Billy and Boris made theri video game debut in WWE 2K16.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Double team finishing moves
    • Second Vision (Double bridging German suplex)
  • Double team signature moves
    • ​Double dropkick
    • Doubld enzuigiri
    • Double leg drop
    • Electric chair lift (Billy) / Diving clothesline (Boris) combination
    • Gator roll (Billy) / Rolling figure-four leg lock (Boris) combination
    • Z-Key (Powerbomb (Billy) / Running leg drop (Boris) combination)
  • Boris' finishing moves
    • A-Dash (Spear), sometimes between the top and second ropes through an opponent in the apron
    • Bridging german suplex
  • Billy's finishing moves
    • A-Lock (Sharpshooter)
    • Bridging german suplex
  • Managers
    • Naomi
  • Nicknames
    • As S&S
      • "The Son of a Miner (Steven)
      • "The Nephew of a Miner (Stewart)
    • As Billy and Boris
      • "Handsome Warrior" (Boris)
      • "Bubble Tea Master" (Billy)

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