The Black Lantern War was a conflict that occurred in the summer of 2014. It is the most destructive and bloody event in the FWM to date. The fighting took place between The Master's Black Lantern/Sicroniyan army and the FWM Alliance.  The war resulted in a victory for the Alliance but at a staggering cost of damage to the Multiverse itself, the destruction of the Black Lantern army, and the Sicroniyan race was almost completely wiped out.

Battle ReportEdit


  1. FWM Alliance
  2. Black Lantern/Sicronyian Army


FWM AllianceEdit

  • All FWM Heroes

Black Lantern/Sicroniyan ArmyEdit

  • The Master 
  • 360 the Hedgehog (KIA)
  • Autarch Visari (Under Master's control)
  • Tendon Cobar (KIA)
  • Anton Saric (KIA)
  • Lucia


  • FWM Alliance victory
  • Damage to Multiverse is repaired
  • Entire Black Lantern army wiped out
  • Sicroniyan race nearly driven to extinction

The WarEdit

Month of DestructionEdit

Battle for Skrullos/CorneriaEdit

Operation ChaosEdit

Battle for EarthEdit


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