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The First and Only CCW Females Champion, "The Alpha Bitch" Gwen Tennyson.

The CCW Females Championship is the singles Championship title for female talents in Character Championship Wrestling.


Gwen Tennyson was crowned the first CCW Females Champion on CCW Ozone 1 and is the current holder of the Championship, still in her first reign despite two PPV defeats at the hands of Emmy, whose Females Championship reigns were punged from the CCW records per the stipulations of Emmy and Gwen's "I Quit" Match at CCW Enmity.


# Wrestlers Reign Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Gwen Tennyson 1 79 Rome, Italy 2 Ozone 1 Defeated Xena, Jenny Wakeman and Zoe Payne in a Fatal Four-Way Steel Cage Match to become the Champion.
Emmy 1* 12 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0 CCW Cataclysm

Emmy won this match after an accidental foul (a Low Blow) that the referee did not detect.

(This reign is no longer recognized by CCW.)

Gwen Tennyson 2* 9 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 0 CCW Ozone 14

In their Cataclysm return match, Gwen Tennyson defeated Emmy while using the ropes for leverage in the pinfall.

(This reign is no longer recognized by CCW.)

Emmy 2* 28 Moscow, Russia 0 CCW Day of Reckoning

Defeated Gwen Tennyson in a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match, 2-1.

(This reign is no longer recognized by CCW.)

Gwen Tennyson 1



Pyongyang, North Korea 21 CCW Enmity

Gwen Tennyson defeated Emmy in an "I Quit" Match with interference from Zoe Payne; per the match stipulations, Gwen Tennyson is recognized as the first and only CCW Females Champion, erasing any Title changes between Ozone 1 and Enmity from CCW history.

(The number of days in parentheses denotes the number of days Gwen Tennyson held the CCW Females Championship after winning it at CCW Enmity; however, the recognized number of days in this reign is noted outside of the parentheses.)