The CCW Infinity Championship is the tertiary Championship title in Character Championship Wrestling.
Liu kang mk9

The inaugural CCW Infinity Champion, Liu Kang.


The inaugural Infinity champion is Liu Kang, who defeated Megaman in the finals of a tournament at CCW Jackpot to become the inaugural champion. Unlike other such Championships in Fiction Wrestling, the Magnus Championship--along with all Titles in CCW--can change hands on a disqualification. The current Infinity Champion is Ares, who is in his first reign with the Title.


# Wrestlers Reign Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Liu Kang 1 147 Los Angeles, California 7 CCW Jackpot Defeated Megaman in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.
2 Ares 1 1+ Washington, D.C. CCW Sudden Death Won the title in a Triple Threat Match against Moby Jones and Liu Kang.