The CCW Magnus Championship is the World Championship title in Character Championship Wrestling

Ben Tennyson, the current CCW Magnus Champion.


Kratos was the first man to hold the CCW Magnus Championship after winning a one-night Magnus Championship Invitational Tournament to become the inaugural Champion, defeating Ben Tennyson, Soda Popinski, and Autolycus in a Fatal Four-Way Anything Goes Match. The current CCW Magnus Champion is Ben Tennyson.

Unlike other World Championships in Fiction Wrestling, the Magnus Championship--along with all Titles in CCW--can change hands on a disqualification.


# Wrestlers Reign Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Kratos 1 51 Rome, Italy 1 Ozone 1 Kratos won the CCW Magnus Championship Invitational Tournament, culminating in a Fatal Four-Way Anything Goes Match between him, Autolycus, Ben Tennyson and Soda Popinski.
2 Ares 1 77 Amsterdam, Netherlands 2 Breakaway Ares won the CCW Magnus Championship in a Triple Threat Match that also included El Blaze.
3 Ben Tennyson 1 5 Pyongyang, North Korea 0 Enmity Ben Tennyson won the Title in a Mayhem Match against Ares.


1 21 Pyongyang, North Korea 0 Ozone 20



On Ozone 22, Ben Tennyson ran over Autolycus in the arena parking lot, breaking his back and forcing him to vacate the Title due to injury.
5 Ben Tennyson 2 182+ Carolina, Puerto Rico 8 Havoc El Blaze and Ben Tennyson competed for the vacant Magnus Championship, and Ben Tennyson was victorious by pinfall.