Promotional poster featuring Zoe Payne.

CCW Pandemonium was a pay-per-view event live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, the tenth PPV of CCW's calendar year. It was preceded by CCW Nevermore and will be followed by the second of CCW's Big Three PPV events, CCW Regal Rumble.





At the 2014 Fiction Wrestling Awards, CCW Pandemonium was named PPV of the Year.


Match Number Matches Stipulations
1 Tony Delvecchio defeated Otto Rocket First Blood Match
2 The Powerpuff Girls (c) defeated The Stark Sisters Tag Team Match for CCW Women's Tag Team Championship
3 Aran Ryan (c) (w/ Doc Louis) defeated Dan Kuso Singles Match for CCW Universal Championship
4 Chell defeated Trixie Tang Chain Match
5 Wolf Hawkfield defeated Kratos and Ares Three-Way Dance
6 Megan Griffin defeated Mystique Sonia Singles Match
7 The Dragon Kids (Max and Enrique) defeated The Forces of Nature (Bald Bull and Soda Popinski) (c) (w/ Doc Louis) Tag Team Match for CCW World Tag Team Championship
8 The END (Zoe Payne, Lucy van Pelt, and Bella Swan) defeated Emmy, Reggie Rocket, and Annie Frazier Demon's Dungeon Match
9 Ben Tennyson (c) defeated Tom Brady Singles Match for CCW Magnus Championship
10 Gwen Tennyson (c) defeated Jenny Wakeman and Aelita Schaeffer Triple Threat Match for CCW Females Championship

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