A long standing tradition in CWA since the company's inception, the Renegade Rumble was inspired by the WWE's Royal Rumble. It takes place within the month of January and is one of CWA's premiere matches of the year, as well as one of the most important matches on the Road To WrestleLegion. It is because the winner of this match guarantees himself a CWA Championship match at the biggest event on the CWA calender: WrestleLegion. Throughout 14 years of the Renegade Rumble (including the year 2000), 70% of the winners have gone on to win the CWA Championship at WrestleLegion.

Renegade Rumble WinnersEdit

Year Winner Number Won From
2000 Tai Kamiya #13
2001 Miles "Tails" Prower #3
2002 Master Chief #22
2003 Monkey D. Luffy #1
2004 Scorpion #22
2005 Bart Simpson #6
2006 Yusuke Urameshi #17
2007 Ben Tennyson #28
2008 Luigi #12
2009 Monkey D. Luffy #22
2010 Naruto Uzumaki #10
2011 Super Mario #8
2012 Sasuke Uchiha #22
2013 ?


Renegade Rumble Records and FactsEdit

Record/Fact Name of Wrestler/Number Statistic
Most Renegade Rumble Wins Monkey D. Luffy 2 Wins
Most Elimination in Single Rumble Darth Vader 15 Eliminations
Most Eliminations Overall Roronoa Zoro 37 Eliminations
Number That Has Produced Most Winners #22 4 Times
Longest Time Lasted In Rumble Monkey D. Luffy 71 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Shortest Time Lasted in Rumble Chris Raab in 2008 9 Seconds
Longest Royal Rumble Match 2003 71 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Shortest Royal Rumble Match 2001 54 Minutes, 4 Seconds
Person Who Has Eliminated Himself Most Times Daniel LaRusso 4 Times
Amount of Times Rumble Winner Has Not Won World Title at WrestleLegion 4 Times 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010

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