Cana Alberona, now known as Anna Alberona (Alliteration is awesome) is a prominent member of Fairy Tail and Stockport Wrestling Association. She loves to drink hot chocolate and build snowmen, and can drink large alcohols without getting drunk. That's right, if your name is Romeo or Wendy or Martin Ødegaard or even Bob The Builder, get out of here before it's too late! Despite being drunk out her arse, Cana is a potential S-Class mage, leading to Arsene Wenger making her a New Invincibles member, because anyone with "potential" is Wenger's saviour. Indeed, Cana Anna is treated like a princess.


Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Translation: Do you want moscato topped with scotch, with shots of Cana's arse?

Wrestling Career Edit

MWA Edit

SWA Edit

Dance For Your Papi (Not That Way) Edit


Frozen With Arsene Edit

Following Arsene Wenger's infamous "Let It Go (Cesc Fabregas version)", Paul-Georges Ntep and Florian Thauvin left the New Invincibles, utterly humiliated at Wenger's actions. However, Arsene is like a cat with 69 lives. Getting the beautiful and bootyful Cana Alberona on his team has left the Arsenal board frozen (no pun intended), even though she is always drunk out her big arse.

Drunk Cana

Theme Songs Edit

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na by MCR

Pass Out by Tinie Tempah

Papi by Jennifer Lopez

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