"LET'S TURN UP THE HEAT!"- Captain Flynt's battlecry
Captain Flynt

Captain Flynt is a boss and character from Borderlands 2 and is also the shipmaster of The Soaring Dragon and the leader of the bandits located there.  He is shown to love torturing Claptrap and has the ability to set himself on fire.

In Fiction Wrestling, Flynt used to wrestle on the indy scene, specifically in Grand Wrestling, before moving on to SPWA.

Wrestling Career:Edit

Grand Wrestling Edit

Captain Flynt has wrestled in at least one indie company known as Grand Wrestling, defeating Glass Joe in his debut.  The following week, Flynt proceeded to team up with his first mates Boom Bewm and prevail over Rain, Kenshi, and Blanka via Flynt lowblowing Kenshi while Boom distracted the ref to pick up the win.  One week later, Flynt suffered a loss to Baraka in a number one contender's match for the Grand Wrestling World Title. 


Draft and Debut (2014) Edit

Captain Flynt was first drafted to WCW during the 2014 Fiction Wrestling Draft, but was soon traded over to SPWA in exchange for Albert Contiello

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