Circus Kane
Circus Kane
"Hee hee hee, time to play!"
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler/Psychopath
Age 19
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7'0
Weight 258 LBS

(Photos are reference, I don't own this.)

Background Information:

Circus Kane's real name is unknown, it is possible Kane is his first name but his last name remains anonymous.  He's an asylum sociopath who takes joy in harming others and laughs at his own pain.  

Wrestling Career (NGW):

Circus Kane hasn't had a match in this company yet but he is known for being a member in the Anarchy Reigns.


To describe Circus in one word: Insane.  Circus Kane lives, breaths, and bleeds anarchy and insanity.  He is the powerhouse of the Anarchy Reigns and Thomas Ambrose's most loyal subordinate.  Despite being a rather screwed up in the head person, Circus is actually quite intelligent as he dabbled in a bit of technology and made a few robots from time to time and is able to formulate plans to outsmart his foes.  He does typical clown jokes with rigged equipment such as sleep gas in a flower.  

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