The United States Colonial Marines
Colonial Marines logo

The patch logo of the Colonial Marines

(U.S.C.M) that are the primary human force in the FWM Army. Originally a simple part of the army known as the Green Corp, it quickly expanded and became part of the Colonial Marines.

The Colonial Marines duties are to maintain and secure all of the FWM's territories, all the fictional land and insuring it does fall to other threats, although they are often secondary in most situations due to the Synthetic Troopers, they are key in much search and rescue formats.

Mission Edit

The Colonial Marines were formed for the FWM's standards due to the ever rapid growth for human forces. Although often brushed aside by the Riot Bots and seen as pointless do the Riot Bots not costing lives, the marines prove to be able to fluently move and take down hostiles, adapting very well with any kind of environment.

Organization Edit

Due to the missions of the Colonial Marines varying in degree, their organization and structures of task teams fluctuates rapidly. This is just a broad description of the organization of the Colonial Marines.

The Marines are organized as followed:

Marine Space Force: Control one or two divisions

Division: A Balanced out Division of both the Aerospace Wing and Marine Space Force. Include 2-4 Regiments. Lead by a major general

Brigade: 3-5 regiments, brigadier general

Regiment: Comprised of 2-3 MAU's, led by a Colonel

MAU (Marines Assault Unit) (Sometimes referred to as battalions) : Heart of USCM operations, comprises of 2-4 Infantry Companies, as well as a heavy ordanince company Aerospace Drop Group, and Attack Groups. It's Medical Unit, Maintenance Company and others in a non combat unit. Lead by a Lieutenant Colonel

Company: 2-3 Rifle Platoons per company. Lead by a captain

Rifle Platoon: Comprises of two(on rare occasions three) teams, commanded by a Lieutenant who may be accompanied by a synthetic.

Team: Composed of 2 (and occasionally three) squads, a APC driver, and commanded by a Sergeant. Also may include Dropship pilot(s)

Squads: Composed of four soldiers. Lead by a Corporal, it consist of two rifleman armed with Pulse Rifles and two armed with Smart guns

Notable Groups: Edit

2nd Battalion Bravo Team (Deactive): Edit

Lieutenant William Gorman (K.I.A)

Corporal Dwayne Hicks

NCO Al Apone (K.I.A)

Executive Officer Bishop

Time Crowe (K.I.A)

William Hudson (M.I.A)

Mark Drake (K.I.A)

Jenette Vasquez (K.I.A)

Cynthia Dietrich (K.I.A)

Colette Ferro (K.I.A)

Ricco Frost (K.I.A)

Daniel Spunkmeyer (K.I.A)

Trevor Wierzbowski (K.I.A)

1st Battalion Blackhawk Team : Edit

Thomas Kindley (K.I.A)

Perry Hartnell Lieutenant

William Hudson Private

Ryan Renyolds (K.I.A)

James Street (K.I.A)

Chang Yazaja NCO (Communications)

Fredrick Mitch Private

George Lee Private

James Smith Private

Michael Korman Corpal

Bryan Hook (K.I.A)

Heath Brooks Private

Aron Ty Private (K.I.A)

K.I. Private (M.I.A)

Richard Kirich Private (K.I.A)

Joshua Chamberlin Corpal

Verionica Reed Private

Equipment Edit

The Marines are equipped with the following:

Uniform Edit

  • Multi-Cam Cover, or hat with various symbols, often the U.S.C.M. logo fixed above the bill of the cap
  • Multi-Cam Shirt with reflective nametapes above the left and right chest pockets
  • Multi-Cam trousers, green with six pockets
CM Armor

The usual armor worn by a marine

Armor Edit

M3 Pattern Personal Armor

M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet

Weapons Edit

Combat Knife

88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol

VP78 Pistol

M4 Pistol

RPL Submachine Gun

M39 Submachine Gun

M41A1 Pulse Rifle

M41A1/2 Pulse Rifle

M4RA Battle Rifle

Ithaca Model 37 Pump Shotgun

M56 Smartgun


M240 Incinerator Unit

Land Vehicles Edit

M577 Armored Personnel Carrier

Aerospace Vehicles Edit

UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship Edit

Conestoga-Class Starship Edit

  • FMS Torrens (1st Battalion; Destroyed)
  • FMS Joseph (Destroyed)
  • FMS Conrad
  • FMS Gould
  • USS Sulaco (Destroyed)
  • USS Sephora (Destroyed)
  • FMS Typhoon (1st Batallion)
  • USS Verloc
  • USCSS Patna (Weyland-Yutani Corporation)

Valley Forge-Class Starship Edit

Bougainville-Class Starship Edit

  • USS Marlow (Destroyed)
  • FMS Kurtz
  • FMS Willard

Other equipment

M314 Motion Tracker

ME3 Hand Welder

ComTech Hacking Device

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