Crime Sorcerers Sorcière is a French sounding Japanese speaking Stockport Wrestling Association team. Jellal Fernandes is the leader. His teammates are Ultear Milkovich and Meredy. So that's a Spanish man, Russian woman and random girl in a French sounding Japanese speaking Stockport Wrestling Association team. Crime Sor... whatever are evil, I mean look at Ultear's shirt! But since they are all like models including Meredy, oh my days puberty, they are fan favourites. Due to accusations of Illuminati and satanism her sacrifice in Chapter 335, Ultear left the team on June 19, 2013.

-FAIRY TAIL- True Heavenly Body Magic- Sema (FAILED)02:21

-FAIRY TAIL- True Heavenly Body Magic- Sema (FAILED)

Gerrard Jellal slipping up as Mystogan. I do not own this video. All the rights reserved to Hiro Mashima.

Jellal Edit

Jellal is the leader. He loves his childhood friend Erza Scarlet, but cannot say it because he will need a change of pants he still believes he should punish himself for his past crimes. What a selfish dolt. He is also called Mystogan, Siegrain and Gerard. Makes no sense, that last one, apart from him slipping up in high pressure.

Meredy Edit

We all give sweet FA to Meredy, so why is she there? F-A-N-S-E-R-V-I-C-E my friend. Rumour has it she came back to annoy Levy, who is still an A Cup.

Ultear Edit

Ultear is there because she "controlled" Jellal making him do evil. Honey, you fool no one. Arse tighter than a drumskin, she causes so much blood loss from the nose.

History Edit

Jellal debuted in SWA as Mystogan "The Sleep King". He made all his opponents fall asleep, including Natsu Dragneel. However, one fine day he faced Lewis Hamilton- and lost! Lewis would not fall asleep! Mystogan was still on a roll, but now some doubted he could beat Wayne Rooney, the SWEAT Champion. And he lost. And then Gabby Agbonlahor beat him. Cheesed that he lost to English athletes, Mystogan challenged any Englishman to a match on Facebook. So BOB THE BUILDER answered Mystogan's childish challenge and WON! Mystogan was so cheesed that he disappeared.

Personal Life Edit

  • Jellal is a fan of Liverpool F.C., who currently (the key word here) play in the British Premier League. He believes Liverpool are punishing themselves for slipping up last season, thus their poor form this season. Just keep believing, guv.
  • Ultear and Meredy don't watch football, especially when Jellal has a 1000 beers from watching Liverpool this season.
Crime Sor-I Give Up

We are the Crime Sorcerers, and we can't even pronounce our team name!

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