The D-Team is a Fiction Wrestling tag team consisting of Max and Rex, both from the Dinosaur King game and anime series. They currently compete in WCW: Showdown.


  • Formation: 2012
  • Companies: WWE (Brand: WCW Showdown)
  • Series: Dinosaur King
  • Combined weight: N/A
  • Allies: Zoey
  • Rivals: N/A
  • Status: Active

Wrestling careerEdit

The D-Team debuted in The WWE in October of 2012 during The Clash of the Titans Crossover Pay-Per-View. They replaced The Freemans in the Tag Team Gauntlet after the then-Toon Tag Team Champions couldn't aappear at the show. They fought in a losing eeffort, falling to the eventual winners, The Full Blooded French. They made their WWE debuts that Saturday on Animated, defeating the team of Aqualad & Robin. On April 2, 2013, they were drafted to WCW: Showdown during The Animation Division Brand Extension.

In WrestlingEdit

Double Team FinishersEdit

  • Electric Cyclone (Double 180° flipping belly to back suplex)

Double Team SignaturesEdit

  • Senton/Leg Drop Combination


  • Zoey

Entrance themesEdit

  • Dinosaur King US Theme
  • "War Of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch