Steven Williamson (born October 22, 1971), better known by his ring name Daniel DaveZurg (a character based on the same name from Toy Story franchise), and Disco Dave. He is currently signed to WWE since 1997, winning 17-titles and championships in total, and currently under the ring name, Daniel Dave. 

Williamson wrestled for the company since 1997, make his main roster debut on 1999, leave in 2005, returned in 2006, leave again in 2007, and return on 2009. He was later injured again on 2015, and return on 2016.

Since his man roster debut on 2003, he has won 17 titles and accomplishments in total. He has held the WWE World Heavyweight Title five times, with the longest reign of 5, 057 days, the WWE Intercontinental Title three times, United States Title six times, again with the most longest reign of 789 days, WWE Tag Team Title two time along with both John Cena and The Miz, and one time Royal Rumble winner.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Several backyard wrestlings (1995-1997)Edit

Williamson's interest of being a professional wrestler first started on high school, after watching a backyard wrestling. After graduating college on 1995, Williamson started wrestling under his real name. He remains wrestling on backyard wrestlings until 1996 and started wrestling on promotions and independent circuits. He then return to backyard wrestlings on 1997 under the ring name Super Steven.

Several promotions (1996)Edit

Williamson started wrestling on many wrestling promotions, such as Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Independent Wrestling. He wrestled on that promotion under the names Superman Steven and Superhero Steven. He then started wrestling on other promotions in that year, under the names Proud StevenDaniel StevenDaniel WilliamsonDave Steven, and Daniel Dave.

Return to backyard wrestlings (1997)Edit

Williamson returns wrestling on several backyard wrestlings from April-October, under the names Proud Steven, Daniel Dave, and Zurg (a character based on the same name from Toy Story series). 

World Wrestling Federation (1997-2005)Edit

Dark matches (1997-1999)Edit

Williamson then signed an eight-year contract with World Wrestling Federation or WWF (now called as WWE), under the ring name Super Dave. He started wrestling on several dark matches for two years. He was later trained by professional wrestler Shawn Michaels on 1999.

Ohio Valley Wrestling (2000-2002)Edit

Williamson then started wrestling on OVW under the name Superman Dave. He wrestled their for two years, capturing alot of titles their. He was then involved in several feuds. Later, he was injured for four months, and returned on 2001 under the name Superman Steven.

Main Roster; Two time WWE champion and one time United States champion (2003-2005)Edit

Williamson made his main roster debut on March 17, 2003. He appeard to be the bodyguard of Ric Flair under the ring name Zurg, and as a heel. Zurg continued on bodyguarding Flair on his matches and sometimes interfere on his matches. He made his first main roster debut match on December 28, defeating Kurt Angle and brutally attacked him after the match. Zurg then defeated Hulk Hogan on January 5, 2004. From January 7-March 18, Zurg continue to bodyguard Flair and has defeated several wrestlers such as John Cena, Angle, and Shawn Michaels. Zurg lost for the first time in his WWE (formerly WWF) on March 25 after losing to Shelton Benjamin following a distraction from Hogan. Backstage however, he brutally injured Hogan. Flair then turns face on April 4, but Zurg didn't want to join Flair of being a face and he brutally injured him too. 

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