Daughters of Destiny2
The Daughters of Destiny are a Fiction Wrestling tag team signed to Character Championship Wrestling, consisting of second-generation wrestlers Lisa Simpson and Meg Griffin. Members of the famous Simpson and Griffin families which are renowned both amongst sitcoms and the Fiction Wrestling industry, the two joined forces officially on XX 20 when Meg debuted as Lisa Simpson's mystery tag team partner. Their tag team name is derived from their roles as the eldest daughters of their respective families, and from the idea that the two, based on their family names, are destined for glory.


  • Formation: CCW XX 20
  • Companies: (Currently) CCW
  • Series: The Simpsons (Lisa) and Family Guy (Meg)
  • Combined weight: 
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: 
  • Rivals: 

Wrestling careerEdit


In wrestlingEdit

Double-team finishersEdit

  • Doomsday Bulldog (Electric Chair (Meg) / Diving Bulldog (Lisa) combination)

Double-team signaturesEdit

Lisa's finishersEdit

  • LisaDog (Modified Argentine Clutch dropped into a Bulldog)

Meg's finishersEdit

  • Ganso Bomb


  • "The Crown Jewel" (Lisa)
  • "The Unsung Scepter" (Meg)

Entrance themesEdit

  • '"'Birthright" by Celldweller

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit