"This War lasted longer than the Monday Night Wars, and everyone from their grandkids to their grandparents shall remember this until the end of time." - Scott Keith on the Digimon - Pokemon War

The Digimon - Pokemon War is a long running storyline which lasted for more than 10 years and occured in multiple companies that had Digimon and Pokemon Characters in them. Originally starting in WWE: Animated between the main characters of Digimon Adventure and the Pokémon anime, it eventually grew into one of the biggest rivalries in Fiction Wrestling history




Before the WarEdit

Pokémon characters were first introduced into WWE: Animated in 1995, before the series itself had been created. Two young, relatively green options were proposed to Vince McMahon by Goku and Bugs Bunny: Ash Ketchum from the anime and Red from the games and manga. Due to budget concerns from the Monday Night Wars, McMahon could only sign one, and despite being unimpressed by both, he signed Ash to Animated, while Red went on to sign with Universal Character Association . Despite his inexperience, Ash quickly grew in popularity and skill, and was soon joined in Animated by his friends Brock, Misty and Tracy Sketchit, as well as his rival, Gary Oak.

Digimon would not appear in Animated until 1998, when McMahon was persuaded to sign the DigiDestined: Tai Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Matt Ishida, Izzy Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Joe Kido and Matt's brother TK. On their debut night, the group got into a confrontation with Goldust which led to Tai's debut match, which he won. Matt, Izzy and Sora also made their wrestling debuts in subsequent weeks.

Izzy was the first of the Destined to win championship gold, after upsetting Crash Bandicoot to become Hardcore Champion. Due to Izzy's lack of hardcore skill at the time, Tai and Matt would interfere in his title matches to help him retain.

Dawn of the RivalryEdit

The first on-air confrontation between the two groups came at Survivor Series (1998).


UCA has had relatively few Digi-Poke conflicts through its history. The first major interaction between characters from the two franchises was actually an alliance formed between Blue and Ken 'The Digimon Emperor' Ichijouji, united by their similar status as 'rivals'. This would end up laying the foundation for the Rival Empire.


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After the WarEdit

The Pokemon-Digimon War ended Unofficially after Ash Ketchum's victory over both Daisuke Motomiya and Takeru Takaishi at AWF Anime Mania 2. Ever since then, both sides has decided to become allies for the future. Their friendly relationship after the war became stronger thanks to Henry Wong's marriage to Dawn.