Eastern Pro Wrestling (EPW), aslo known at times as Explosive Pro Wrestling, Extreme Pro Wrestling, Erie Pro Wrestling was a indy promotion located in Northeastern US/Canada. Stationed in Erie, PA the promotion's territory covered northern Pennsylvania, New York, Southern Ontario and Quebec. The company was best known for it's yearly event WrestleWars in which two major streaks were held between Ash Ketchum and Danny Phantom. EPW would fold and become a NWA territory in 2013 before eventually being rebranded as a new company (NCW).

Beginings (1995-1997)Edit

In 1992 a popular indy wrestler by the name Nathan Drake (OC) had his career cut short at only 4 years after various neck issues. However he refused to leave the face of wrestling. Fueled by his anger that he never got to the top he opened up a gym to help others reach to the top. The gym known as Drake Drill's Wrestling Dojo was opened. However every other month Nathan was known to hold a event in the dojo to introduce the world to his trainees. Various wrestlers and friends encouraged Nathan to go on to converted the DDWD into a wrestling promotion. Nathan finally gave into the pressure, selling his dojo and moving to Erie, PA where he set up HQ for Erie Pro Wrestling.

It's first show, First Encounter, in June of 1996 in Erie, PA. The show was poor financially (attendence was only 137) but accliamed critically as: "Juveniles coming out to rename pro wrestling." and "New faces, new style, new era".

With the success of EPW First Encounter Nathan held a second event on November 14, 1996 called Fatal Fall. The event fetured the crowning of EPW's first world champion in Mitchell Chamberlin, the father of NCW wrestler Streak.

Starting in early 1997 EPW rebranded as Eastern Pro Wrestling after it's first event in Albany, New York called New York Nitro. At this time as well tape trading had start getting Nathan Drake's company talk as far to some of the largest promotions including UWE and WWE. This resulted into top talent including Ash Ketchum making appearances at shows frequently as well as other talent. This expanded EPW's auidence and in 1998 stuck a deal with a local TV network to produce a 1 hour show every other week.

National Spotlight (1999-2005)Edit

In 1999, during the infamous Monday Night Wars EPW made a somewhat shocking decision, going live on their shows. This was very rare for many promotions at the time (exception with WCW), especially for a indy and highly risky. However this proved to bring national attention to Drake's tiny outpost of a company.

In September of 1999 EPW held it's first Pay-Per-View called WrestleWars. The highlight of the night was Ash Ketchum winning the EPW Championship against Drake's brother Ryan Drake. This sparked the begining of Ash's WrestleWar streak which would continue into present day NCW.

Going into the new milenium EPW was rebranded once more as Extreme Pro Wrstling, trying to nudge it's way up to the then popularity of Ultra Violent wrestling from ECW, XPW, CZW and more. However during a live event in November 2000 Referee Harold Parkmen was severally injured after accidently being shoved into a stacked barb wire covered table with thumb tacks, originally ment for Mitchell Chamberlin in a Deathmatch for the EPW Ultra Violent Championship. Harold was sent to the hospital, filling a lawsuit against EPW. At a court meeting Nathan Drake was charged with the accounts of the recklessness and somewhat underground wrestling EPW had become, also being arrested do the fact he had allowed this to occur. As such EPW was once again named Eastern Pro Wrestling, the Ultra Violent Championship belt was immediatley retired and the majority of the violence wasn't to return.

After this crushing blow Nathan took a three year abstience from professional wrestling, placing the company in the hands of various bookers including future NCW Owner DXP, Ryran Drake, Steven Chamberlien (STREAK), etc. During this time EPW hit a somewhat lule, taking a hiatus from events for 8 months in late 2001. However the promotion returned in May of 2002 with a new TV Show called EPW Dynamite. EPW would also start monthly PPVs till 2004, this changed to only 5 a year do to budget issues. And in 2003 Nathan Drake returned to the role as owner and was medically cleared to compete once more. However he would only occasionally appear to wrestle since he was now married and was a father, not wanting to return to the dark times.

Lawsuits, Downfall (2006-2010)Edit

In 2006 though a wrestling tag team by the name of Wise World Excels (WWE) were met with copyright as the name WWE was already used by the company of the same name, The company was instantley fined and had to pay a large sum to keep the tag team name. Due to this in 2007 EPW lost it's Television show Dynamite and were forced to rely on the internet. This further worsened with many talent leaving and Ash Ketchum (still with a WrestleWars streak) and Danny Phantom only their top sellers it became difficult to fill houses, most OC's heading to the developmentals like UWE's XGW due to at that time most companies int he FWM being only for fictional wrestlers. Eventually after a serious hospital bill Nathan had to pay for one of his children in 2009 and on the verge of bankruptcy of both the company & himself, he had to give up the business, therefore EPW was put up for sale in Feburary of 2010. The ironic part was that was the same month WWE's ECW ended as well.

Final Years, DXP Ownership (2011-2012)Edit

EPW was left in a state of nonoperational for a year due to the fact the costly sum it would take to buy the company and rebrand it. In 2011 DXP, a former worker for EPW bought the company. However he was only able to sale DVD and various merchandise for the company due to the fact of it's bad reputation from the Harold Parkmen incident. DXP was able to muster two events out in 2012 and 2013 called EPW Return and Spring Showdown before he himself had to fold the promotion. A few weeks later the remain sof EPW was bought up by NWA. NWA would rebrand EPW as NCW-NWA before DXP would open NCW as a indy promotion in the winter of 2012.


Name: Inagural Champion Date/Place Final Champion Date/Place
EPW Championship Mitchell Chamberlin November 14, 1996 Fatal Fall Streak August 1, 2012- EPW Return
EPW Dynamite Championship Daniel Fenton June 20, 2003 Blake Tare April 5, 2007
EPW Tag Team Championship All-Star Athletes November 14, 1996- Fatal Fall AMZ December 19th, 2009- Season Beatings
EPW Woman's Championship Cormil Tare March 5, 1999 Michelle Drake December 19th, 2009- Season Beatings
EPW Ultra Violent Championship Crash Bandicoot April 13th, 1999 Ryan Drake November 4th, 1999

EPW AlumniEdit

Nathan Drake (OC)

Ryan Drake

Mitchell Chamberlin

Ash Ketchum

Daniel Fenton

Blake Tare

Ashton Miles (AMZ)

Mike Zenith (AMZ)

Streak (Steven Chamberlin)

Crash Bandicoot

Cormil Tare

Michelle Drake

Grace Tare

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