Election Day
SPWA Election Day
"Give It All" by Rise Against
"Gentlemen... may the voting begin."
Promotion SPWA
Date 31/05/15
Venue Maze Bank Arena
City Los Santos, San Andreas
Attendance TBA
Buyrate TBA
Pay-per-view chronology
Luxuria 2015 Election Day Waterfront 2015
Election Day chronology
Spies 2014 Election Day Election Day 2016

Election Day is an annual Pay-Per-View produced by San Paro Wrestling Alliance (SPWA). The first edition of the show is scheduled to happen May 31 2015, and it will take place, like any other SPWA show, at the Maze Bank Arena in Los Santos.


The official name of this event was released on January 12, and whenever he speaks about, Alexander Valant VII always says that it's something that everyone, even the more "nostalgic" fans can enjoy.

On the internet, many rumors indicate that the Pay-Per-View is similar to the King Of The Ring concept. When finally asked about it, Alexander answered that they had guessed right.

More informations were finally released on January 15. The Election Day was similar to the King Of The Ring, and the winner would become the #1 Contender for the SPWA World Championship at Waterfront.





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