The Ember Civil War was a conflict waged on the planet of Chovoli between the years 2312-2315 (2014-2015). It was the result of an attempt of the Western half of the Ember Kingdom to split away and declare independence. The war was an initial success for the West Emberlions, but were pushed back due to a disadvantage in technology. The war was featured in the FWM series Embers.

Battle Report: Edit

Belligerents: Edit

West Ember:

  • West Ember Army
  • FWM Colonial Marines (in support)

Ember Kingdom

  • Royal Ember Army

Commanders: Edit

West Ember: Edit

  • Averie Whitney (W.E. Army)
  • Perry Wilson (Colonial Marines)

Ember Kingdom: Edit

  • Robert Rhodes

Outcome: Edit

  • West Ember Army Surrenders
  • West Ember Army & Colonial Marines are temporarily P.O.Ws
  • Stanly Bennet begins preparations to overthrow Ember Kingdom
  • Tension between Prelions & Emberlions increase

The War Edit

Breakout of War Edit

Operation Delta Edit

Crossing Theiing Point Sea of Great Divide Edit

Battle of The Athena River Edit

The Winter At The Cliffs Edit

A Year At The Continental Strait Edit

Operation Swift Edit

Siege Of Yougcross Edit

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