European Wrestling All-Stars
EWA Banner

EWA's current banner (1999-Present)

Federation's Name European Wrestling All-Stars
Abbreviation EWA
Major PPV The Purge (December)
Time open 1979- 1994; 1999-Present
Current CEO Lawrence Sebastian
Current COO Leonard Pretick

The European Wrestling All-Stars, or EWA for short, is a fiction wrestling company. Started in 1979, the company was founded as an alternative to FWE. The two companies ended up engaging into a fierce rivalry, before FWE overcame EWA, and the division temporarily closed down in 1994. In 1999, the company reopened, as a part of the European indy circuit

Company's historyEdit

Beginning, Rivarly with FWE and folding (1979 - 1994)Edit

The company was created by a currently unknown founder, a couple months after FWE was born, obviously trying to ride on its' success.

EWA was seen as many as a better alternative to FWE, using stars from all over the European territory, Italian ones excluded as FWE had the exclusive on them.

It didn't even take long for the two company to end up clashing the one against the other: in 1991, EWA made the first move in the war, sending their then-World champion Dorian Gray to interfere in the main event of a Monday Night SPADES episode, taking out then then-FWE Champion Ugo Fantozzi in the process. FWE answered right back by hiring Cyrano de Bergerac, who managed to pretty much almost bury the company's name in mud with one promo.

For three years, FWE and EWA would keep fighting each other, with each gaining and losing viewers and talents to the other. While for a first period, the EWA had a lead on the company feud, thanks to their fresh talent and new writers, FWE soon took the lead instead, as some major EWA players moved over to FWE after Olimpio Valant's death.

As the news of FWE leaving Europe flew by, EWA challenged FWE to a interpromotional match: their European Champion, Scrooge McDuck, against the FWE European Champion, Yamato Man, in a Ladder match. In what many agree to be one of the greatest matches in both companies' history, due to the innovation it brought and due to its' incredibly violent nature (Scrooge got legitimately busted open mid-way through and Yamato Man was tossed off the ladder and into the crowd, landing onto a group of fans), Yamato Man unhooked both belts, unifying the FWE and EWA European Championships, and becoming the Undisputed FWE European Champion in the process. This was the last match that ever saw a superstar represent EWA, as the company folded.

Re-opening (1999 - Present)Edit


Current Title Holders Edit

Title Current holder/s Previous holder/s First holder/s (1979) First holder/s (1999)
EWA Championship Campania Ajax TBA TBA
EWA Eurocontinental Championship Knights Hospitaller Gentleman Ghost TBA TBA
EWA Trios Championship The Dangerous Ones (Madeira, Lou Park and Leeroy Jenkins) King's Army (Cold Man, Dynamo Man and Tengu Man) N/A TBA
EWA Hardcore Championship Drillbit DJ Skully TBA TBA
EWA Women's Championhip Montenegro Alex TBA TBA

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