European Wrestling All-Stars
EWA Banner

EWA's current banner (1999 - Present)

Federation's Name European Wrestling All-Stars
Abbreviation EWA
Major Event The Purge (December)
Founder Unknown
Special Events Bi-Monthly
Headquarters The Hague, Netherlands
Time Open 1985- 1994; 1999-Present
Current CEO Lawrence Sebastian
Current COO Leonard Pretick

The European Wrestling All-Stars, or EWA for short, is a fiction wrestling company. Created in 1985, EWA was created as a more pan-European alternative to the Italian-centric Fiction Wrestling Entertainment, the two companies engaged in an on-screen rivalry, which FWE won. Due to financial troubles, EWA had to fold in 1994.

The company's assets were bought out by Lawrence Sebastian in 1998, who relaunched EWA

Company's historyEdit

Beginning, Rivarly with FWE and folding (1985 - 1994)Edit

The company was created by a currently unknown founder in 1985, shortly after Fiction Wrestling Entertainment had introduced the FWE European Championship. According to urban myths, Silvio Valant becoming the first FWE European Champion and the "Champion of Europe" at a time when FWE hadn't left Italy yet (except for one historic show in Malta) was considered "insulting" by some German and French entrepreneurs, to the point that they created EWA as an answer to the Valant family's perceived arrogance.

EWA had access to a larger pool of stars than FWE did at the moment, hiring names from Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and even the United Kingdom. The star power allowed the EWA to grow in size and in prestige in a relatively short period of time, allowing it to contest FWE's claim of being "the greatest wrestling company in Europe". Despite this, EWA never became truly popular in Italy, due to FWE's already present foothold: in 1988, infamously, EWA had to cancel a planned show in the regions of Abruzzo and Lazio, because the stadium's owners refused to let them use their properties, citing "security problems" or "schedule problems" as the reason. Many speculated, however, that this happened out of loyalty to FWE.

Behind the scenes, however, things were quite different: after a shaky beginning, the relationship between the two companies had turned lukewarm, enough for them to start collaborating. In 1990, in fact, the two companies traded talents for the first time ever: FWE traded Luciano Calboni in exchange of Cyrano De Bergerac.

This collaboration would soon blossom into a kayfabe war, which begun when Dorian Grey, then EWA Champion, interfered during FWE: Wrestling in Rome alongside other EWA talent, taking out most people at ringside and trashing the ring. At the next show, Silvio Valant announced on behalf of his father that "EWA's actions would've carried consequences", while Cyrano de Bergerac, in an history-making promo, described his experience working for EWA and, blending for one of the very first times the lines between kayfabe and reality in an FWE ring, spoke of several events during his tenure in the pan-European company.

This rivarly reached its' apex in 1993, when EWA, beginning to show financial difficulties, decided to hold a "One Night Only", interpromotional match that would've decided which company was worthy of representing the entire continent: EWA European Champion Scrooge McDuck versus FWE European Champion, Terence Hill, in a Ladder match to unify the belts. In a surprisingly violent, yet critically acclaimed match, Hill unhooked both belts and became the Undisputed European Champion, to the loud cheers of the crowd of Lyon, France.

The next year, Olinpio Valant would pass away due to old age, while EWA, despite its' popularity, had to declare bankruptcy and fold. When FWE left Europe in the following months, many announced the "end of an era".

Re-opening (1999 - Present)Edit


Current Title Holders Edit

Title Current holder/s Previous holder/s First holder/s (1979) First holder/s (1999)
EWA Championship Campania Ajax TBA TBA
EWA Eurocontinental Championship Knights Hospitaller Gentleman Ghost TBA TBA
EWA Trios Championship The Dangerous Ones (Madeira, Lou Park and Leeroy Jenkins) King's Army (Cold Man, Dynamo Man and Tengu Man) N/A TBA
EWA Hardcore Championship Drillbit DJ Skully TBA TBA
EWA Women's Championhip Montenegro Alex TBA TBA