The FMS Joseph was a Conestoga Class Aeroship in the Colonial Marines. It was one of the original four aeroships to be enlisted in the MAU Apollo, and one of two to be destroyed in the FWM-Black Lantern War.

History Edit

The Joseph was originally built in 2181 by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It would be launched in 2184 and put into service in the Zeta Reticuli start system till 2189, when it was called to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse in time of need.

During the Black Lantern War, the Joseph guarded Corneria.. But on August 13, 2014, the FMS Joseph was caught in the thick of the fight against the Black Lanterns. At first it wiped out many Lantern forces on the ground, but eventually aerial fire knocked out two of the main gun rails on the starboard side, and the eventual rupture of the stern hull, the ship exploded from a suppressing fire on the generator. Which was expose after the hull rupture. The ship broke up in Corneria's atmosphere, the stern ripping to bits and plunging into a ocean near the battlefield, while the bow which hadn't yet exploded, burst into a fire ball on the eastern side of the battlefield. The destruction of the Joseph lead to the deaths of 189 crewmembers, the largest loss of life at one moment in the war.

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