High Noon
"This Life" by Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers
"Thirty years later, the sun still shines."
Promotion Fiction Wrestling Entertainment



Date May 28th
Venue Kyle Field
City Austin, Texas




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FWE High Noon (2017) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event and produced by FWE for the Blitzkrieg and RiseUp! brands. It took place on May 28th, at the Kyle Field in Austin, Texas. The event's main event, and most important match, was the 30th annual High Noon Rumble.


The card featured eight matches, five of which had FWE titles on the line. As is tradition, the card was highlighted by the High Noon Rumble, this year featuring 40 wrestlers, which earned the winner a main event match at CrashDay XI for either the World Heavyweight Championship or the FWE Championship.

Event Edit

Aftermath Edit

On the Blitzkrieg after the pay-per-view, Metal Man became the new number one contender to the FWE Championship, defeating Tommy Vercetti, Diablo and Texas in a Fatal 4-Way to claim the position in the rankings. El Presidente, during his live celebration, threw the Television Championship in the garbage and reactivated the European Championship, with Aries becoming the number one contender in another Fatal 4-Way, who also featured Slick.

On RiseUp!, Skull Man made his long-awaited debut and challenged Capricorn for the World Heavyweight Championship, only for Magic Man, Flash Man, Twilight Sparkle and Killbain to throw their callenge as well. This made GM James May organize an Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out for the belt.

Black Mage, in the meantime, didn't have time to cementify his position, as Jack Cayman's return shook things up. The two immediately began feuding, with Cayman distracting Mage during a match and defeating Big Bandit in a No Holds Barred match the week after.

The Creatures, after having apparently fixed problems within the group, immediately decided to try to reclaim the FWE Tag Team Championship they lost to the Trinity, this time with the tag team of Dexter Manning and James Wilson facing the self-proclaimed "Saints of Wrestling".

Reception Edit

The event received enthusiastic, positive reviews from the industry's critics, continuing a trend that started with the reboot. The show received a little over 470,000 buys, grossing up to $6.5 million. Olmo Ghesizzi of The Mediterrenean praised the match World Heavyweight Championship, defining it as "incredibly enjoyable and fluid" and using it as further proof of Capricorn's ability almost 15 years after his debut, and the High Noon Rumble match, which was the Match of The Night, "proof that few understand how multi-men matches work as much as FWE, especially when the match should look like more of a football fans' brawl and should look like a sloppy mess. Two things that the High Noon Rumble, as always, absolutely wasn't."
High Noon DVD Cover

The High Noon 2017 DVD, featuring Tommy Vercetti, Magic Man and James Rolfe

In general, the highest grades went to Rarity vs. Capricorn (A-) and the High Noon Rumble match (A+). Big Bandit vs. Homer Simpson received, surprisingly enough, a B-, with many declaring that "as short as it was, it showed that Homer could still go and that Big Bandit will be big in the future. It hit all the right buttons without exposing Bandit's lack of experience." The other matches received grades that were between B+ and B-, while the lowest rated match was PewDiePie vs. The Angry Video Game Nerd, which received a C+, being criticized as being a violent spot galore that could've been so much more.

At the Fiction Wrestling Awards of 2016, the High Noon Rumble match netted FWE the one-of-a-kind, one-year only "Rumble Of The Year" Award.

Following a marketing decision, the High Noon Rumble match was renamed to the "Showdown at Sundown" match, and is referred as such on the High Noon 2017 DVD.

Results Edit

No. Results Stipulations Times
1 Black Mage (c) defeated Saxton Hale Singles Match for the FWE Intercontinental Championship 12:00
2 The Trinity (Vlad and Emao III) defeated The Creatures (James "Nova" Wilson and Aleks Merchant) (c) Tag Team Match for the FWE Tag Team Championship 12:45
3 El Presidente defeated Applejack (c) Singles Match for the FWE Television Championship 11:52
4 Big Bandit defeated Homer Simpson Singles Match 10:39
5 Capricorn (c) defeated Rarity Singles Match for the FWE World Heavyweight Championship 17:03
6 Slick defeated "Milan" Marcello Ricci Singles Match 8:05
7 The Angry Video Game Nerd (c) defeated PewDiePie Falls Count Anywhere Match for the FWE Championship 17:30
8 Wildcard won by last eliminating Flash Man Forty-men High Noon Rumble for a world championship main event match at CrashDay XI 1:27:21