This is a page dedicated to the major story arcs that take place on the FWM Forum. These skits can span over multiple twitter threads, making them a saga that tells a single, coherent story in over an extended period of time. Notable events are listed below as they occurred.

FWM Story Arcs

Joker War

  • Main Protagonist(s): FWM Heroes
  • Main Antagonist: The Joker

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Black Lantern War

  • Main Protagonist(s): FWM Heroes
  • Main Antagonist: The Master
  • Secondary Antagonist(s): 360 the Hedgehog, Autarch Visari (formerly), Tendon Cobar, Anton Saric, Lucia Sicron, and Brock Lesnar (formerly)

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Adam Act

  • Main Protagonist(s): FWM Heroes
  • Main Antagonist: Teth-Adam/Black Adam
  • Secondary Antagonist(s): Scorpion (formerly), Lucas Wilson (formerly), Ashley Storm, Killjoy, Alistair Gold, Algol, Raptura, Chimera, Dr. Gero, and the Black Ops (formerly)
  • Tertiary Antagonist(s): Vektan and Insidious


The Adam Act is a major arc conceptualized by Toon. The plot revolves around citizens being fed up with the collateral damage caused by the FWM's Heroes and demand for a change or some form of restraint to decrease the damages caused by the conflicts that constantly plague the Multiverse. The demanded change comes in the form of Teth-Adam (AKA Black Adam), having seemingly reformed and begins to delve into political powers. Adam's supposed new leaf is revealed to be a ruse, however, as he had only wished to win the people's trust while discretely sabotaging the FWM Heroes with an political registration act that severely limits their abilities to perform their duties. This arc introduced the Atlas troopers, robotic super-soldiers with the capabilities of replicating the powers of every super-powered being in the history of fiction itself. Adam gains many allies as he rises to power, including technological genius Lucas Wilson, metahuman Ashley Storm, professional hacker Alistair Gold, former Synthetic trooper Killjoy, Soul Caliber character Algol, and even legendary kombatant Scorpion.

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Medieval FWM

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Cabal Incursion

  • Main Protagonist(s): The Titans (Slade, Hope the Hedgehog, Ivory Gerdelman, Jesse Alvarez, Kenny Evanson, Remi Bordeaux, Zach Cage, Holly Storm, Amelia Bennett, and Tammy Blake)
  • Main Antagonist: Lucas Wilson/Cabal
  • Secondary Antagonist(s): Kano, Erron Black, Tremor, the Black Ops, Ashley Storm (formerly), and Alistair Gold (formerly)