The Fiction Football League (FFL) was a Football league in the FWM, starting in 2014. It marked the first time another sport has become a part of the FWM. The league comprises of 8 teams, four in the fictional realm and four in reality. The only world champions in the league were the Liberty City Wolverines.

History Edit

The league was conceived in July, 2014 by FWM author DXP after realizing there isn't any over sports that are competed on a national level like wrestling (wrestling it's self not even considered a sport most of the time). After many proposed teams where named the following became part of the league

  • Amity Park Horror
  • Baltimore Wildcats
  • Denver Dynamite
  • Dimmsdale Dynamics
  • Green Bay Gladiators
  • Liberty City Wolverines
  • New York Nitro
  • Peach Creek Pirates
  • Philadelphia Extreme
  • Tremorton Cyborgs

The first game was set for July 25, 2014 with the Tremorton Cyborgs taking on the New York Nitro at Met Life Stadium.

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