Fiction Wrestling Entertainment
New FWE Logo

FWE's logo (2015 - Present)

Federation's Name Fiction Wrestling Entertainment
Abbreviation FWE
Weekly Shows

Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg

Friday Night RiseUp!

Major Event CrashDay (July)
Founder Olimpio Valant
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Headquarters Miami, Florida

SyFi from 8:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m (Blitzkrieg)

SpikeTV from 8:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m (RiseUp!)

Time Open 1983 - Present
Current CEO Gear Valant
Current COO Silvio Valant
Current General Managers

Gear Valant (Blitzkrieg)

James May (RiseUp!)

Fiction Wrestling Entertainment, or FWE for short, is a fiction wrestling company. Started in 1979, the company was founded by Olimpio Valant (né Olimpio di Valencia) as a way to bring the same excitement that could be found in the United States in Europe as well.

Company's historyEdit

The company, founded in 1983 by Olimpio Valant, was created as a way to bring the same excitement that could be found in the United States in Europe as well. However, as wrestling made the big jump with the first ever WrestleMania, so did the federation.

In 1984, the company's first Pay-Per-View, Live From Abruzzo: First Day, was hosted, followed in November of that same year by War of Prides. In 1985, an early concept of the Royal Rumble match was created, and was showcased to the world during the 1985 Battle Royale Pay-Per-View. While the Pay-Per-View was renamed in 1990 to High Noon, the federation still refers the 1985 edition as the first ever High Noon Rumble.

In 1994, a couple of weeks after FWE's ten-year anniversay, Olimpio Valant died, leaving the company to his only male son, Silvio Valant. Silvio, against the advice of the board of directors, did the big jump, and moved the company's headquarters to the United States of America, bringing his employees with him.

In that same year, FWE's first ever show to be held in the USA, Wednesday Night American Dream, was dedicated to the memory of Olimpio. In 1999, the company had created an agenda similar to the one that is used to this very same day; two shows a week, one pay-per-view a month for a total of 96 weekly shows and 12 pay-per-views a year

In 2001, the company was suddenly flooded by new superstars from either the indy circuit or the then-defunct EWA. To try to maintain order, Silvio created two separated rosters, named after the weekly shows, Spades and LevelUp. While Spades would keep three of the four original belts (those being the FWE Championship, the World Tag Team Championship and the FWE European Championship) LevelUp would get two brand new ones (the FWE Tag Team Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, along with the FWE Intercontinental Championship).

In 2004, a still young Gear Valant, literally a few weeks from finishing high school and moving on to college, proposed to the board of directors and his father a new idea: a big WrestleMania-like show with up to 8 weeks of build-up for the bigger rivalries and the greatest matches. The idea, which would take the shape of CrashDay, was soon greenlit.

In 2008, to celebrate the company’s 25 years of history, the FWE Hall of Fame building was inaugurated in Miami, Florida, with the first batch of Hall of Famers being elected at CrashDay VI, and Gear Valant became the new CEO.

In 2014, at CrashDay XI, Silvio Valant, now with a minor role inside the company, was inducted in the FWE Hall of Fame, while Gear Valant’s brother and Silvio’s youngest son, Alexander, became the COO. However, Silvio soon put the coat of COO back up, as Alexander soon vacated his seat as COO to "focus on his own legacy".

By the end of 2016, with new talent arriving from its' developmental program, FTR, FWE looked at 2017 and proclaimed it "the year the transition to a new generation begins".

2017, however, did not start on a high note: Silvio Valant ended up hospitalized following a heart attack, while the Board of Directors and the shareholders turned their back on Gear Valant, in hopes of taking over the company. As a result of the in-fighting that broke out, FWE underwent a temporary shutdown. The FWE stock plummeted, and FWE almost had to fill for bankrupcy. Luckily, the members of the extended Valant family, who were overseas, quickly flew to the US to help the company back to its' feet. Many Valant properties were sold in order to keep the company afloat, especially under the surprising encourgament of the loyal rosters, who refused to see the company end this way.

FWE eventually resurfaced on February 13th with two new weekly shows, Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg (Replacing Monday Night SPADES) and Friday Night RiseUp! (Replacing Friday Night LevelUp!). A change in the company's hierarchy also had the board of directors abolished, giving the Valant family almost absolute power. Moreso, only 25% of the company's stock can now be bought on the market, compared to the 45% available before the shutdown.

As of 2017, the most critically acclaimed event in FWE history has to be 2005's CrashDay II, which featured an 18-year old Gear Valant wrestle alongside his father in a Tornado Tag Team Match against a rookie Carl Johnson and Squid Adler, Skull Man extending his winning streak to 2-0 after defeating Caleb Reece, Crash Man retaining his World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match and Kurt Wylde retaining his FWE Championship against High Noon Rumble winner Gus.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Current ChampionsEdit

Title Current holder/s Previous holder/s First holder/s
FWE Championship The Angry Video Game Nerd "The Nostalgia Critic" Doug Walker Mr. Dream
FWE European Championship El Presidente Darryl Kent Silvio Valant
FWE World Tag Team Championship Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) Vacant Totò and Peppino Caponi
FWE World Heavyweight Championship Capricorn Carl "CJ" Johnson Bruce Cochrane
FWE Intercontinental Championship Black Mage Twilight Sparkle Lieutenant Sassu
FWE Tag Team Championship The Trinity (Vlad, Emao III and Lish) The Creatures (James "Nova" Wilson, Aleks Merchant and Dexter Manning) Pretty and The Bomb (Pretty Bomber and Golem Bomber)

Other accomplishmentsEdit

Accomplishment Latest winner Previous winner
High Noon Rumble Wildcard (2017) Skull Man (2016)
Golden Chance (Blitzkrieg) The Nostalgia Critic (2016) Rainbow Dash (2015)
Golden Chance (RiseUp!) Carl "CJ" Johnson (2016) Homer Simpson (2015)

Pay-Per-View AgendaEdit

Month Name
January New Year's Revolution
February Clockwork
March EVO
April Springtime for Italy
May High Noon
June No Way Out
July CrashDay
August City Of Vices
September Golden Chance
October Heartburn
November World at War
December Battle for Palmont
Blue Blitzkrieg
Red RiseUp
White Bi-Roster

Current RostersEdit



Tag Teams and Stable Edit

Other On-Screen PersonnelEdit

  • Gear Valant (CEO and General Manager of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Jim Ross (Play-by-Play Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Michael Jones (Color Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Portugal (Backstage Interviewer of Wedensday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Magnolia (Ring Announcer of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • James May (General Manager of Friday Night RiseUp!)
  • "Admiral" Bahroo (Play-by-Play Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Mr. Monogon (Color Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Lotus (Backstage Interviewer of Friday Night RiseUp!)
  • Xander Mobus (Ring Announcer of Friday Night RiseUp!)


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