Fiction Wrestling Entertainment
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Fiction Wrestling Entertainment's logo (2017 - Present)

Federation's Name Fiction Wrestling Entertainment
Abbreviation FWE

Weekly Shows

Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg

Friday Night RiseUp!

Major Event CrashDay (July)
Founder Olimpio Valant
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Headquarters Miami, Florida

Public Broadcasting Corporation from 8:00 p.m to 10:30 p.m (Blitzkrieg)

Paramount Network from 7:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m (RiseUp!)

Time Open 1983 - Present
Current CEO Gear Valant
Current COO Silvio Valant
Current General Managers

Gear Valant (Blitzkrieg)

James May (RiseUp!)

Fiction Wrestling Entertainment, or FWE for short, is a fiction wrestling company. Started in 1983, the company was founded by Olimpio Valant (né Olimpio di Valencia). Their headquarters are currently located in the neighborhood of Coconut Grove, in the city of Miami, Florida.

FWE currently promotes three brands: two "main roster" ones, Blitzkrieg and RiseUp!, and a developmental one, FTR. The company holds live events and pay-per-views through-out the world, although it mostly holds them in the Northern American continent and Western Europe.

The promotion's majority owner are the descendants of Olimpio Valant, the Valant family, currently holding 75% of the shares through the Valant Conglomerate of Cooperatives (Valant Co-Op). The ruling CEO is Gear Valant, who has been in the position since 2008, while the ruling COO is Silvio Valant, who claimed the position in 2008 as well after vacating the one of CEO in favour of his son. The figure of "chairman", as well as the figure of "board of directors", has been erased from the company's hierarchy since 2017, which brought FWE back to its' origins of family-owned, family-run company.

Company's historyEdit

The company, founded in 1983 by Olimpio Valant, was created as a way to bring the same sports entertainment that could be found in the United States to Europe as well. What started as a local promotion located in the Abruzzese Valle Peligna, in Italy, soon grew massively in popularity, alongside wrestling. After the first few months, important fictional wrestlers of the era signed with the company, and it wasn't before long that FWE had started to tour the entirety of Italy.

In 1984, the company's first Pay-Per-View, Live From Abruzzo: First Day, was hosted, followed in December of that same year by War of Prides. In 1987, an early concept of their Royal Rumble match, the High Noon match, was created, and was showcased to the world during the 1985 Battle Royale Pay-Per-View. While the Pay-Per-View was renamed in 1990 to High Noon, the federation still refers the 1987 edition as the first ever High Noon Rumble.

In 1994, a couple of weeks after FWE's ten-year anniversay, Olimpio Valant died, leaving the company to his only male son, Silvio Valant. In a move that proved to be history-changing for the company, Silvio went against the opinion of his father's most trusted men, which included most bookers and writers, and moved the company's headquarters from their old location of Rome, Italy, to their new and current location of Miami, Florida, bringing his employees with him. Valant will recall, many years later, that they were "seen with hostility by most of Miami... most of Florida, actually, [...] with WCW around, they did not trust an Italian guy and his band of European wrestlers." Nonetheles, FWE's first show on USA soil, Wednesday Night: American Dream, was held and dedicated to the memory of Olimpio.

The year of 1997 saw an important event taking place: the creation of the first-ever weekly FWE television show. Famously, FWE's creative could not democratically decide on a name, as every proposal failed to gather the necessary majority. Silvio Valant grew increasingly frustrated as the hours passed, and once 7:30 PM rolled around, the CEO, as told by former FWE booker Louise Rodriguez, "punched the table, exclaimed that he wanted to go home to his family, and covered his eyes with his right hand, whilst exclaiming that the first thing he would've pointed at would've named the show. [...] That finger ended up pointed at one of the playing cards some bookers were playing poker with earlier, that had fallen to the floor following the punch. It was a two of spades, a very unlucky card in Italy as he would later explain to me."

That moment was the birth of Monday Night SPADES, which aired from 7 PM to 8 PM in order to not lose ratings to WCW or WWE. The show would be later re-run on Tuesday nights for European audiences, a "first" in fiction wrestling that allowed FWE to maintain its' European popularity whilst gaining more in the Americas.

By 1999, the company had created a planned agenda of its' events, in order to make the various arrangements for the future shows easier and to give all workers an official schedule, so that if they had to take time off, it could be better discussed and organized. 2000 also saw SPADES' time slot expanded by one hour, officially putting the latter half of the show on air at the same time of RAW and Nitro, and the creation of Friday Night LevelUp!, a show that, at first, was supposed to give the growing amount of video games characters in the company a spotlight, but soon became a full-fledged show.

2001 was another historic year for the company. WCW's collapse, WWE's victory of the Monday Night Wars, and several behind the scenes events caused a wave of independent wrestlers to show interest in FWE. To make matters more complicated, the company's historic rival, EWA, had folded two years prior as a result of bad management, which caused an exodus of talent from Europe to the United States. In order to not waste an opportunity, Silvio Valant once again went against the advice of his most trusted men and proceeded to sign a great amount of wrestlers to FWE. However, it would have been impossible to feature all of them across four hours of air time without pushing aside the carefully created narrative that had been built over the years. The solution came from WWE, which had tried to turn Friday Night SmackDown! in a show for former WCW stars: Inspired by this idea, Valant created two separated rosters, named after the weekly shows: these two rosters existed within the same "universe", but told different stories, with different characters. This not only allowed the company to create a bigger interest in watching LevelUp!, but also gave space to already-signed wrestlers who were struggling to create space for themselves.

The results of this decision also impacted the belts: SPADES retained three of the four historical belts (FWE Championship, World Tag Team Championship, FWE European Championship), while LevelUp! would receive two new belts, equivalent to the ones on SPADES (FWE Tag Team Championship, FWE World Heavyweight Championship), and the other historical belt (FWE Intercontinental Championship), in order to maintain some form of connection to the past.

May 7th, 2004 was the beginning of a new phase for the company, as it saw the "entrance" in the professional wrestling business of Gear Valant, son of Silvio. A still young Gear, literally a few weeks from finishing high school, made a proposal to his father, the board of directors, and the creative team: a big, WrestleMania-like show with up to 12 weeks of build-up for the biggest rivalries and the greatest matches. The idea was greenlit on May 15th, 2004, the same day Silvio Valant's rented car was involved in an accident from which he walked away without a single wound. As a joke, then head booker Ugo Fantozzi codenamed the event "Crash Day". Valant, despite a well-known dislikes of jokes at his expenses, actually enjoyed the name and, removing the spaces, officially dubbed the event "CrashDay". In the historical press conference where the idea was first introduced, Valant explained that the name meant "day of the crash, [...] because that's when the biggest rivals, the past, present and future legends of the business, crash into each other in history-making moments."

In 2008, in order to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary, the the Fiction Wrestling Entertainment's head-quarters were expanded with an "Hall of Fame" wing, which can be accessed by the public. The first batch of Hall of Famers was revealed at a ceremony the night before CrashDay VII, headlined by Ugo Fantozzi. On the same night, in a shocking turn of events of which no one was informed of, Silvio Valant officially left the role of CEO to Gear Valant, who was already General Manager of one of the two rosters, and claimed the one of COO.

By the end of 2016, with new talent arriving from its' developmental program, FTR, Gear Valant triumphantly announced 2017 as not only "the year the transition to a new generation begins", but also "the year FWE establishes itself to the top, alongside companies such as WWE and CCW."

In February 2017, Silvio Valant ended up hospitalized following a heart attack, while the board of directors and the shareholders attempted what many affiliates of the company described as a "hostile takeover brought on by the sudden crisis amongst the leaders". As a result of the in-fighting that broke out, FWE was forced to undergo a temporary shutdown, unable to operate due to the various vetos placed by the board of directors, the shareholders, and in some cases the Valants themselves. The company's stock plummeted, going from 25$/share to a low 4$/share, and many begun predicting that Gear Valant was going to fill in for bankrupcy. Instead, the Valants resorted to an emergency sale of their properties to acquire the share that had been sold and finance the company once again, amongst which were the historical bar in South Beach, Miami, and the trademark on Pan American World Airways, especially under the surprising encourgament of the loyal rosters, who refused to see the company end this way.

FWE eventually resurfaced on February 13th with two new weekly shows, Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg (Replacing Monday Night SPADES) and Friday Night RiseUp! (Replacing Friday Night LevelUp!). The role of "chairman of the board", as well as, obviously, the one of "board of directors" were erased from the hierarchy following the February accident, which awarded complete control of the company back to the Valant family. Following the thirtieth annual High Noon, Fiction Wrestling Entertainment was officially considered "out of danger", and although its' optimistic goal for the year to reach the levels of the WWE had to be scrapped, the company now enjoys a newfound stability.

As of 2017, the most critically acclaimed event in FWE history remains the second edition of CrashDay, hosted in 2005 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida (then known as Dolphins Stadium), which featured an 18-year old Gear Valant wrestle alongside his father in a Tornado Tag Team Match against a rookie Carl Johnson and Squid Adler, Skull Man starting his CrashDay winning streak after defeating Caleb Reece, Crash Man retaining his World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match and Kurt Wylde retaining his FWE Championship in a match against High Noon Rumble winner Gus.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Current ChampionsEdit

Title Current holder/s Previous holder/s First holder/s
FWE Championship "The Angry Video Game Nerd" James Rolfe VACANT Mr. Dream
FWE World Tag Team Championship


(Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla)

VACANT Totò and Peppino Capponi
FWE European Championship El Presidente VACANT Silvio Valant
FWE World Heavyweight Championship Capricorn Carl "CJ" Johnson Bruce Cochrane
FWE Tag Team Championship

The Trinity

(Emao III, Vlad and Lish)*

The Creatures

(James "Nova" Wilson, Aleks "Immortal" Servant and Dexter Manning)*

Pretty and The Bomb

(Pretty Bomber and Golem Bomber)

FWE Intercontinental Championship Black Mage Twilight Sparkle Lieutenant Sass

 *The belts are defended under Freebird Rules

Other accomplishmentsEdit

Accomplishment Latest winner Previous winner
High Noon Rumble Wildcard (2017) Skull Man (2016)
Golden Chance (Blitzkrieg) The Nostalgia Critic (2016) Rainbow Dash (2015)
Golden Chance (RiseUp!) Carl "CJ" Johnson (2016) Homer Simpson (2015)

Pay-Per-View AgendaEdit

Month Name
January New Year's Revolution
February Countdown to Infinity
March Re:connect
April Springtime for Italy
May High Noon
June No Way Out
July CrashDay
August City Of Vices
September Golden Chance
October Red Moon Rising
November November to Remember


World at War


Marigold Blitzkrieg
African Purple RiseUp!
Black Bi-roster

Current RostersEdit



Tag Teams and Stable Edit

Other On-Screen PersonnelEdit

  • Gear Valant (CEO and General Manager of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Jim Ross (Play-by-Play Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Michael Jones (Color Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Portugal (Backstage Interviewer of Wedensday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Magnolia (Ring Announcer of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • James May (General Manager of Friday Night RiseUp!)
  • "Admiral" Bahroo (Play-by-Play Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Mr. Monogon (Color Commentator of Wednesday Night Blitzkrieg)
  • Lotus (Backstage Interviewer of Friday Night RiseUp!)
  • Xander Mobus (Ring Announcer of Friday Night RiseUp!)