Fifi is a character from The Peanuts Movie. She is the object of Snoopy's affection in his daydreams as a WW1 Flying Ace. She first made her debut in Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown. Back then though, she was apart of a group known as Polly and her Poodles from said circus. Her past life makes her an athletic and spunky member of the Peanuts Gang

A New Look on a Fresh Face



UFFC (Ultimate Furry Fighting Championship)Edit

Before being apart of the Peanuts Gang, she was the lightweight female champion of the UFFC. Her fighting style revolves around the arts of Savate (French Kickboxing), Ninjutsu, Judo, and Sambo.

WWE: AnimatedEdit

After retiring from her MMA career with a perfect record, she had looked to use her martial arts prowess in the world of professional wrestling. She had became a member of the Peanuts Gang when she noticed a fight on TV, sparking her interests in pro wrestling.


With her years of training to be a martial artist, she is a stylish, graceful, athletic and spunky addition to the WWE: Animated roster. When around her love interest Snoopy however, she does what ever it takes to impress him. Even if it means going all out on her rivals!

Personal LifeEdit

During her free time, she works as a mechanic at an auto body repair shop. She also practices her athletic grace by doing gymnastics as well as practicing katas, which are choreographed patterns of movement practiced alone or in a group.

In WrestlingEdit

With those years of training under her belt, she is one of the Peanuts Gang's best fighters when it comes to strategy! She uses her speed and cunning to take down ever the toughest of fighters. Even the Onis of Terror Time!

Finishing MoveEdit

  • Baguette Breaker (Argentine backbreaker rack)
  • Sacre Black n' Blue (Armtwist Armbar combination) (Note: Signature move during her UFFC career)
  • Peace for your Pancreas! (Flying Atomic Elbow)

Signature MovesEdit

  • Pink Flurry Clone Storm (She enters a ninja pose and creates fakes of herself to confuse opponents)
  • Flight of the Spunky (Flying Kimura)
  • Somersault Smack Attack (Machine Gun Kick followed by a somersault and a dropkick)


  • Polly (Owner)
  • Snoopy (Manager, Sparring Partner, Senpai)


  • The Spunky Puppy
  • The Fluffs of Wrath

Entrance ThemeEdit

  • Better When I'm Dancing by Megan Trainor
  • That's What I Like (feat. Fitz) by Flo Rida

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • All Time World Lightweight Champion

Ranks in Fighting StylesEdit

  • Golden Glove Professor Rank (Savate)
  • 10th Degree Red & Black Belt (Judo)
  • 15th Dan (Ninjutsu)
  • City of France Champion (Sambo)

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