Flora is the main female lead of the long running webcomic Twokinds. She was once a keidran slave in the world of Mekken before being found by an amnesic Trace Legacy, who she eventually fell in love with.

In the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse, Flora is currently competing in the Indylympics along with her fiance Trace Legacy in the mixed tag team category.

Background: Edit

  • Series: Twokinds
  • Species: Tiger Keidran
  • Age: 11 (Keidran Years)
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 119 lbs.
  • Companies:
  • Debut: 2016
  • Status: Pending Debut
  • Billed From: Tiger Territories of Mekken
  • Allies: Trace Legacy, Keith Keiser
  • Rivals:
  • Twitter: @TwoTigerKinds

Career Edit

Personality Edit

Personal Life Edit

In Wrestling Edit

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

Trivia Edit

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