The Hype Bros, The Usos, The Ascension, and Jack Swagger and Curt Hawkins fight to have the right to challenge anybody on Raw at Survivor Series. The winners are Swagger and Hawkins.


Zack Ryder, Jimmy Uso, Viktor, and Jack Swagger are first. Ryder and Swagger teamed up to take out Viktor and Uso, but then brawled. Swagger overpowered Ryder, taking out everyone in the ring with a single hit of clothesline. Viktor and Jimmy teamed up and managed to take out Swagger. The heels clotheslined him, but Ryder clotheslined the two as well. He then soars on the three outside the ring with a suicide dive, and taking down all men. Ryder get Jimmy back in the ring and they brawled. Jimmy dropkicked him, and the two managed to tag in their respective partners. Mojo Rawley soars inside the ring and overpowered Jey Uso, who had suffered many clotheslines, a Stinger Splash, and a powerbomb. Rawley pinned him but Viktor attacks him. Swagger enters inside the ring and hits a Falling Powerbomb to him. Rawley then hits a jumping hip attack, taking Swagger down. He then tagged in Ryder again, and hits the Hype Ryder. Ryder pinned him but Konnor attacks him. Konnor would try to hit a DDT, but Jey superkicked him and pinned him, even though he's not the legal man, and thus eliminating The Ascension. Swagger clotheslined him outside, and have argued with Curt Hawkins in the corner, before Hawkins tagged himself. Hawkins have a face-to-face with his former tag team partner, and Ryder hits the Rough Ryder. He tries to pin him, but Jimmy enters the fray and take him out of the ring. Rawley clotheslined him outside the ring, Swagger tried as well, but Rawley avoids him and take him outside. Hawkins then lifted his legs, taking him outside the ring. He then take down all men with a suicide dive. He takes Rawley to the ring, hitting the Taste of Pain, pinning him and eliminated The Hype Bros. Jey Uso superkicked him, but Swagger rushed to the ring and trapped him into the Ankle Lock. Jimmy enters, only to receive a big boot. Swagger sends Jey outside, and made Jimmy tap out with the ankle lock for the win. Hawkins then argued with Swagger after the match, telling him that the match belongs to him and that he must not interfere. Swagger remained questioning him what's wrong and we got a break.

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