Frozen Asylum is a Fiction Wrestling tag team in NCW consisting of Jason Krueger and David Williams, a unlikely heel turned face team. The team is NCW exclusive while the wrestlers do compete in other companies. Frozen Asylum is in their first reign as the NCW Tag Team Champions.



Northern Carnage WrestlingEdit

Formation Edit

NCW Tag Team Champions Edit

In WrestlingEdit

The team is much of a tribute to past tag team and other wrestlers. Most notable is Jason Krueger's tribute to Mike Awesome and has usually used the Awesome Bomb as a finisher in the team rather then the Gore. The team also pays tribute to The Dudley Boyz with their tag line.

Tag Team Finishing MovesEdit

  • Frostbite (Awesome Bomb (Jason) followed by a Lifting DDT (David))
  • Yami Driver – David Williams

Tag Team Signature MovesEdit

  • Aided Piledriver
  • Irish Whip followed by a tag in
  • Double Suplex
  • Double Post Massacre (Double Diving Headbutt)
  • Stereo Suicide Dive

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Awesome Bomb" by Reckless Fortune
  • "The Zoo" by Bruce Dickenson

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • NCW Tag Team Championship (1 time, current)

FanFiction Wrestling Awards Edit

  • Tag Team Champions of The Year (2014)
  • Tag Team of the Year (2014)