Gamer Generation, or currently known as GameGen2.0, is a stable in Northern Carnage Wrestling consisting of female wrestlers that have a personal hatred to the knack of NCW talent being shoved aside for new wrestlers. Originally consisting of Joan Rivera, Rena Williams, Allison Wilson and Knives Chu, the later of which broke away and formed a splinter tag team known as Acid Rain. Rena was booted out and left NCW in early 2014. In 2016, Joan reformed the Gamer Generation as GameGen2.0 with the tag team of Maxine and Remi Bordeaux.

Background Edit

  • Formation: November, 2013
  • Companies: NCW (All), Allison Wilson (ACW)
  • Series: N/A
  • Members: Joan Rivera (Leader), Allison Wilson (Defected), Knives Chu (Defected), Rena Williams (Formerly), Remi Bordeaux, Maxine Bordeaux
  • Allies: Coco Bandicoot (Briefly during feud with Sophisticated Beauty)
  • Rivals: Coco Bandicoot, Korra, DXP, Sophisticated Beauty
  • Status: Active
  • Twitter: N/A

History Edit

Northern Carnage Wrestling Edit

In Wrestling Edit

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

Northern Carnage WrestlingEdit

  • NCW Women's Championship (1 time) – Joan Rivera
  • NCW Women's Tag Team Championship (1 Time)- Joan Rivera w/ Coco Bandicoot

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