The Green Corp were a unit of soldiers that were part of the FWM Military/ Law


The Green Corp was made up fo all humans, a first in the FWM Millitary and Police. They were also seen as a sort of modified Colonial Marines, sporting the Marines Armor, Pulse Rifle, and most sporting a cocky, BA attitude. At first known just as a clean up crew, the Green Corp were enlisted into combat.


  • Pulse rifle
  • blast sniper rifle
  • gernade
  • taser stick
  • steel rope (used in rescue efforts)


The Green Corp's first response was to the Battle of the Critics outside of downtown FWM. The FWM wreslers along with the Green Corp won the battle. The Green Corp though would be pulled into a different situation on 10/12/13 when they had helped in the rescue effort at the Wakeman House after the PPG had attacked it in a way to get under the skin of Jenny Wakeman. The Green Corp then went into reserve for the FWM military, rarely in action. On 1/15/14 however a group of creatures known as the Scrin appeared and when the GC troops opened fire upon them, the aliens attacked in numerous numbers, destroying the entire camp, killing all who stood in their path. After the slaughter only 20 soldiers survived including Colonel Thomas Williams. After the event, the Green Corp finally entered active duty, with a look similar to the Colonial Marines including their primary weapon being a pulse rifle.

As of June of 2014 the Green Corp folded and became part of the United States Colonial Marines.

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