Jecht is a non-player character and reluctant antagonist in the video game Final Fantasy X. He is the protagonist Tidus's father, one of High Summoner Braska's legendary guardians and a major Blitzball star in his hometown of Zanarkand. He has a tendency to drink heavily and wields a large, black sword in battle.

In Fiction Wrestling, Jecht is currently retired from active competition. He is best known for his career in Universal Character Association (UCA).


  • Series: Final Fantasy X
  • Species: Human
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Companies: (Formerly) UCA
  • Debut:
  • Status: Retired
  • Billed from:
  • Allies: Tidus (son)
  • Rivals: Tidus (son)
  • Twitter: @BlitzKing

Wrestling careerEdit

Universal Character AssociationEdit


Personal LifeEdit

In WrestlingEdit


  • Jecht Kick (Bicycle kick)


  • Triumphant Shot (Fireman's Carry dropped into European Uppercut)



Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Otherworld" by Nobuo Uematsu

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

Universal Character AssociationEdit


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