Koldblooded is a women's tag team consisting of Mortal Kombat characters Skarlet and Mileena. The team is currently signed to Character Championship Wrestling (CCW).


  • Formation: CCW Year 1
  • Companies: (Currently) CCW
  • Series: Mortal Kombat (both)
  • Combined weight:
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: Stark Sisters (not mutual), Psymon Stark (Mileena's boyfriend), Ermac (Skarlet's boyfriend), Scorpion, Liu Kang, Stryker, Korruption, Reptile
  • Rivals: Powerpuff Girls

Wrestling careerEdit

In wrestlingEdit

Double-team finishing movesEdit

  • Femme Fatality (Skarlet Flapjacks the opponent into the air and Mileena catches her with a Kneeling Head Spike)
  • Spike Kold Krush (Mileena gives an opponent a Kold Krush while Skarlet, sometimes from the top rope, pushes the opponent's feet down for extra impact)

Double-team signature movesEdit

  • Death Trap (Catapult by Mileena into a DDT by Skarlet)
  • Outworld Device (Doomsday Device)

Skarlet's finishing movesEdit

  • Khiropractice (Vertical Suplex dropped into a Double Knee Backbreaker)

Skarlet's signature movesEdit

  • Dragon Screw
  • Hara-Kiri Dropkick (Over-the-Top-Rope No-Hands Suicide Dive transitioned into a Missile Dropkick)
  • Thrust Kick
  • Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex

Mileena's finishing movesEdit

  • Kold Krush (Back-to-Belly Kneeling Piledriver)

Mileena's signature movesEdit

  • Cannonball
  • Fallaway Slam
  • Rolling Thunder

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "A Victim, A Target" by Misery Signals

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit