The LBF Hardcore Championship is a championship currently defended at the Lemon Brook Federation. This title is one of the secondary titles at LBF.


The championship was created, like almost every title, at LBF Monthly: Prove Yourself I. The match for the title was between Jufge Death and Shang Tsung. Judge Death won and became the first LBF Hardcore Champion.

List of championEdit

Wrestler Days as champion Event Notes
Jufge Death 7 Prove Yourself I Defeated Shang Tsung in an Ultimate Deathmatch
Pyramid Head 84 In Your House
Doomsday March Wk 2, Battlefield
Claude Insurrextion
Kid Buu 7 May Wk 2, Battlefield
Johnny Cage May Wk 3, Battlefield
Niko Bellic June Wk 4, Battlefield
Claude (2) Souled Out
Kid Buu (2) Collision Course

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