The LBF National Championship is a championship currently defended at the Lemon Brook Federation. This title is one of the secondary titles at LBF.


The championship was created, like almost every title, at LBF Monthly: Prove Yourself I. The match for the title was between Red Hulk, Spider-Man, and Snake Eyes. Red Hulk won and became the first-ever National Champion.

List of championsEdit

Wrestler Days as champion Event Notes
Red Hulk 63 Prove Yourself I Won the title in a Triple Threat Match
Spider-Man 28 New Year's Revolution
Brucie Kibbutz Clash of Champions
Snake Eyes 7 Prove Yourself V
Spider-Man (2) Ides of War
Sasuke Uchiha 7 Prove Yourself VIII
Naruto Uzumaki Mayhem
Orochimaru Souled Out
The Incredible Hulk Collision Course
Blue Beetle II [Ted Kord] CURRENT Sept. Wk 4, Battlefield

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