The LBF Nebula Tag Team Championship is the tag team division's championship currently defended at the Lemon Brook Federation.


The championship was created, like almost every title, at LBF Monthly: Prove Yourself I. The match for the title was between The Army of TWO and the Super Farthole Brothers, with The Army of TWO becoming the first ever LBF Nebula Tag Team champions. Since it's creation, the Nebula Tag Team Championship has caused some headaches for the bookers as few established teams have been added to the company's roster.

List of championsEdit

Team Days as champion Event Notes
Elliot Salem & Tyson Rios [The Army of TWO] 21 Prove Yourself I Elliot Salem & Tyson Rios defeated Super Farthole Brothers to become the first-ever tag champions.
Chameleon & Eddy Gordo 7 In Your House I
Akuma & Vega 28 Prove Yourself II Won in a Triangle Tag Match between defending champs and the Army of TWO
The Army of TWO (2) 56 Holiday Hell
Super Mario Brothers [Luigi & Mario] 28 New Year's Revolution
Eddy Gordo (2) & Vega (2) 21 Clash of Champions
The Red Hood & Lance Vance 56 Prove Yourself VI
The Virus Rebellion [Red Murdock & Jason Krueger] CURRENT Prove Yourself VIII

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