The LBF Universal Championship is a championship currently defended at the Lemon Brook Federation. This title is the primary title at LBF.


The championship was created, like almost every title, at LBF Monthly: Prove Yourself I. The match for the title was between Mr. Buu, Captain America, Cell, Toushirou, Tobi, and Syn Shenron in a Ladder Match. Mr. Buu won and became the first-ever Universal Champion.

List of championsEdit

Wrestler Days as champion Event Notes
Mr. Buu 63 Prove Yourself I Defeated Captain America, Cell, Toushirou, Tobi & Syn Shenron in a Ladder Match to become the 1st ever Universal Champion
Orochimaru 28 New Year's Revolution
Toushirou Hitsugaya 112 Clash of Champions
Niko Bellic 28 Civil War
Might Guy 28 Mayhem
Itachi Uchiha 113 Souled Out Walked out of Starrcade with the championship, called Mr. Mafia alerting him to the fact that his contract has expired and "thanked him for the gold".
VACATED N/A Week 1, November 2012 Championship was vacated due to Itachi walking out of the company after Starrcade.

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