Fiction Wrestling's Resident Lax Rats (Rabil on left, Queener on right)

Lacrosse the Line is a Fiction Wrestling tag team consisting of real life professional lacrosse players Brett Queener and Paul Rabil. They currently compete in Character Championship Wrestling (CCW).

Background Edit

  • Formation: CCW Year 1
  • Companies: (Currently) CCW
  • Series: Real Life (both)
  • Combined weight: 400 lbs.
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: Kelly Rabil (valet and Paul Rabil’s wife)
  • Rivals: Dragon Kids, X-Factors

History Edit

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Character Championship Wrestling

In Wrestling Edit

Double team finishing moves Edit

  • Lacrosse-Out (Delayed Flapjack / Elevated DDT combination)

Double team signature moves Edit

  • Body Check (Simultaneous Cross Body Blocks to the front and back of an opponent)
  • Double Chop Block
  • Double Fisherman Buster, sometimes from the top rope
  • Double Single-arm Inverted DDT
  • Double Inverted Suplex, sometimes from the top rope
  • Double Shining Wizard
  • Multiple lacrosse stick shots
  • Shot Clock (Queener pops the opponent up into a Shoot Kick to the chest by Rabil)
  • Shot Clock 111 (Queener pops the opponent up into a Discus Shoot Kick to the chest by Rabil)
  • Shot Clock Championship Edition (Queener pops the opponent up into a lacrosse stick shot to the midsection by Rabil)

Brett's finishing moves Edit

  • First-String Angel / Hajimari no Tenshi (One-handed Electric Chair Driver onto knee)
  • Goaltender's Stretch (Arm-trap Cross-legged STF)
  • LAXative (Double Leg Lift spun into a Sitout Wheelbarrow Facebuster)

Brett's signature moves Edit

  • Air Gait (Leapfrog transitioned into One-handed Bulldog)
  • Chin Checker (Running Backpack Stunner)
  • Death Valley Driver, usually onto the ring apron
  • German Suplex
  • Inverted Suplex
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Rusty Gate Leg Sweep (Spinning Russian Legsweep with a lacrosse stick across the opponent's throat)
  • Shining Wizard
  • Trigger Warning (Running Bicycle Knee Strike, sometimes to a grounded opponent)

Paul's finishing moves Edit

  • Kimura Lock
  • Rabil Bomb (Straitjacket Powerbomb)

Paul's signature moves Edit

  • Baltimore Crab (Elevated Reverse Boston Crab)
  • Diving Headbutt
  • Elbow Smash
  • European Uppercut
  • Lariat, usually while running or diving and sometimes to the back of the neck
  • Multiple Suplex variations
    • Belly-to-Belly
    • Capture
    • German
    • Exploder
    • Saito
  • One-Man Shot Clock (Pop-up into a Shoot Kick to the opponent's chest)
  • Running Powerslam
  • Shining Wizard
  • Striking Corner Shoulder Thrust
  • Tilt-a-whirl Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver
  • Uranage Slam

Managers Edit

  • Kelly Rabil

Nicknames Edit

  • "King Queener" (Queener)
  • “The Glorious Goalie” (Queener)
  • “The Lax Rats”
  • “The Million Dollar Middie/Midfielder” (Rabil)

Entrance themes Edit

  • “In the City” by Kevin Rudolf
  • “Bruiserweight” by CFO$ (Kelly Rabil’s singles entrance music)
  • “Glorious Domination” by CFO$ (Queener’s singles entrance music)
  • "Almost Famous" by Eminem (Paul Rabil's singles entrance music)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Character Championship Wrestling Edit